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Harriet and the Spies

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Vowing to vote McCain, an outspoken, paranoid and hopefully drunk Hillary supporter gets tossed out of the Democratic Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting, raving about race and CIA surveillance: video.

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The Initial Command

(photo: Department of Defense)
The Obama campaign has categorically rejected John McCain’s proposal for a joint trip to Iraq, calling it a “publicity stunt.” Publicity stunt it most certainly is, but why is it automatically assumed that the publicity would only benefit McCain? Because he proposed it? Or because the facts on the ground are thought [...]

I’m with Senator Obama

At least on this topic.
Economists in general oppose a tax holiday because it would encourage consumption of gasoline at a time of soaring demand.

Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens, a longtime Republican donor, criticized Sen. McCain’s policy in an interview with The Wall Street Journal and other news organizations last week.

Mr. Pickens said suspending the federal [...]

Oxblog in Baghdad

This is cool, David Adesnik of Oxblog has been in Iraq working for the coalition on the sly. I find that encouraging and I can’t wait to hear what his impressions are.
I am also encouraged that he is now working for McCain. I won’t say it will sway me to vote for him, but it [...]

But He Knows the Military!

Cross-posted to Registan.net.
The Air Force Times reports on a rather surprising gaffe from the foreign policy Commander-in-Chief-to-be:
Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain of Arizona may not have been paying the closest of attention last week during hearings on the Bush administration’s Iraq policy.
Speaking Monday at the annual meeting of the Associated Press, McCain was asked [...]

McCain’s Tax Plan

Lot’s of stuff to like here…
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called for a repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) on Tuesday as part of his “pro-growth, pro-jobs tax agenda.”

If elected president, McCain said he would make it harder to raise taxes. “It should require a three-fifth-majority vote in Congress to raise taxes,” he said.
McCain [...]

McCain - Not a Flip-Flopper on Housing Issue

Well, it’s all the rage now. The AHA GOTCHA! moments of political campaigning.
Some think they’ve got McCain painted in a corner by the selective use of quotes:
In a speech March 25, he said: “It is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks [...]

Potential interpretations…

This is the standard. (h/t Blackfive)
And considering the pins-and-needles environment that is the current political landscape, the comment has the potential of being interpreted as racially divisive.
What comment?
“Rest assured,” he told the crowd, “that men like Senator McCain will be the goal and the men that my two young boys will emulate and admire. [...]

McCain in Indy

John McCain is speaking in Indianapolis today.
Some high lites
* Doesn’t think subsidies are needed for ethanol
* Speech was heavy on National Defense
* Wants free and fair elections in Cuba, will not provide aid or assistance until political prisoners are released.
* Wants to keep tax rates low, and simplify the tax code.
* We need to eliminate [...]

Dirty Lying Liberal Media

Every good smear deserves a plea to stop the smearer and the dirty apes who support them…

One does have to wonder why the New Yawk Times would first endorse a candidate, and then publish what I would assume was to them, a scandalous article about that very candidate. One hand not knowing what the [...]

McCain’s Secular Conservatism

photo: Chris Dunn
The Moderate Voice takes a good and short look at McCain’s politics and notices a compelling absence of social conservative moral lectures, as well as a preference for stressing the characteristics of conservatism that Americans find most appealing: limited government and national security. Jennifer Rubin might add that McCain’s emphasis on pragmatic realism [...]

Hanging it Up on Huckabee

A Huckabee blog calls it quits (sort-of). Facing the inevitability of McCain, he asks only that Huckabee “not look for or accept any positions in McCain’s cabinet.” Now there’s one of the first things I can agree with Huckabee supporters on.

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Obama in the General Election

photo: Tim Kelley
After getting obliterated in the Potomac primaries, new polling shows that Barack is beating Hillary Clinton in next week’s Wisconsin vote too. In light of becoming the frontrunner, Obama now appears to be further orienting himself toward the general election, and away from a contest with Hillary that is rapidly taking on [...]

Potomac Primary Notes

The polls suggest that McCain will defeat Hucakbee in Virginia today by 48% to 37%. I for one am hoping for a larger margin of defeat for Huckabee, but I’ll take that. Meanwhile Obama is favored to sweep Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

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McCain Speaks to Europe

photo: Chris Dunn

Spiegel has a typically aggressive (and aggressively European) interview with John McCain today. In many ways it’s an interesting yet disappointing exercise, due to its focus on the perceived past sins of the Bush administration. While much ground is covered, a little too often Spiegel essentially asks “Bush did XYZ, which is bad. [...]

McCain as Sarkozy?

Grover Norquist suggests that public disatisfaction with the Republican party is driven solely by hostility to President Bush. McCain’s differences with the Bush administration and its supporters thus strengthen his appeal with the county. As Grover puts it: “This is Sarkozy saying, ‘I’m not Chirac. I’m the change, and she’s [opponent Segolene Royal] the [...]

Unfortnately He Has One

Via The Las Vegas Sun.

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Pence Gives Qualified Endorsement of McCain

There was never going to be a perfect candidate. We support them when the issue drives us to support them, and oppose them (respectfully) when we differ on the issues. It is that way with President Bush, and I don’t ever see changing that.
Congress needs to reform itself as much as, or even [...]

Signal to Noise

If like Keith and myself you were in doubt as to whether there were boos among the introductory applause for John McCain at CPAC (apart from this obvious moment), be not in doubt.

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Lieberman Stripped of Superdelegate Status

Because of his support/endorsement of McCain. The Dems made a rule (because of Zell Miller and his endorsement of Bush in 04) that any democrat crossing the lines to endorse a republican (or presumably 3rd party too) candidate would be stripped of their superdelegate status. So that will be one less superdelegate for CT. Can’t [...]

John McCain at CPAC

McCain should be up any minute now…
3:07PM Special Guest Sen. George Allen from VA is up now.
- I’m a commonsense, Jeffersonian conservative.
- Preeminent role of President is Commander in Chief. And John McCain would be the best of the remaining candidates in that role.
- tenacious in stopping wasteful spending
- good fiscal conservative
- [...]

Romney Stepping Aside

Romney is going to quit the race. Or “suspending” his campaigning, whatever that means. Looking at the results so far, this would give McCain the nomination, and leave him to go on the offensive against either of the potential Democratic candidates. Given Romney’s performance as noted below, there’s not really much to [...]

Free Trade and the Next President

In electing a President we are rarely presented with candidates who represent our views, so in the end it really comes down to prioritizing. Frankly I may yet again not vote for a major party candidate, but if I do one issue of great importance to me, though not mentioned nearly often enough, is a [...]

I Have No Mouth Yet I Must Scream

Michael Goldfarb denounced Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives as “disgraceful” today, for their open criticism of John McCain’s record and views. He labels it the result of a psychological condition he and other McCain apologists call “McCain Derangement Syndrome”:
I understand that some conservatives are uneasy about a McCain nomination, that he isn’t their first choice [...]

ACU Presidential Questionnaire

Haven’t had a chance to look at them, but here are the responses.

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The Ecumenical Reform Coalition Strikes Back

With Romney’s odds of winning the nomination now highly improbable, and the press directly asking Huckabee if he wants to be Vice President, the McCain-Huckabee alliance many of us have longed feared is now quite visible on the horizon. Even worse though, is the distinct possibility that this ghastly marriage of factions is in fact [...]

Quick Election Prediction

McCain vs. whoever wins California for the Dems. No in depth analysis, just my quick, from the hip guess. Feel free to tell me how I’m an idiot in the comments section.

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A McCain for All Seasons

Michael Weiss casts about for reasons from the blog world to support McCain. I’m largely unmoved, but this is a particularly good line: “Where Joe Lieberman has been unable to cast himself as a Scoop Jackson Democrat, McCain has had some success in becoming a kind of Pat Moynihan Republican.”

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That Nightmare Ticket

Sadly, Mike Huckabee remains in the race in order to distort it. One has to wonder if the increasingly paranoid crypto-theocrat’s gambit to become McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee succeeds, how substantially will it depress mainstream conservative turnout? I’d say pretty significantly, as this is a concord between the liberal + soc-con wings of the party [...]

Still Anyone’s Game

McCain may be the front runner, but it is still anyone’s game going into next Tuesday. And the race can be just as muddled after next Tuesday, if there’s not a clear front runner.
And yes, it’s my contention that at this time, there isn’t a clear front runner. Just look at the numbers:
McCain [...]

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