About Lance: A long delayed entry into the blogosphere

me.jpgI want to thank everybody who has encouraged me over the past few years to do this. I doubt it will hold but a few people’s interest, but that is okay with me. Special thanks go to Peter over at http://www.liberalcapitalist.com.

I value my privacy a great deal, so I will guess you will have to get to know me over time to find out much. I work in the financial services portion of our economy. I have children, my oldest is entering college.

I have no great or imposing academic background, my grades varied from high enough to get invited to an honors program at my university to frustrating enough to cause my father great grief. My major was history, with a minor in ethics. My main interest towards the end was in the history of economic ideas before life took a turn and I ended up never going on to graduate school. However, I have a fair knowledge of history, economics and geography and would probably be considered well read. My tastes are eclectic and I pretty much find the entire world interesting.

I have an enduring interest in how people learn about and analyze the world; my posts here will examine this topic in detail over time. I make no claims to be above the very biases and errors I see in others, in fact it is my belief that we are incapable of escaping them, only moderating their control over us.

I am a member of no political party, but I would broadly consider myself a man of the right. I am inclined to free market economics, limited government and a fairly narrow view of the role of the state. A small L libertarian if you will. However, if you are looking for broad based “the left believes…” or “wingers are so….” types of attacks on liberals, conservatives, neo-cons or whatever enemy you want to slam, look elsewhere.


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  1. on 28 Sep 2008 at 9:40 pm Scott

    hey lance – sorry to have missed you all this weekend.  Perhaps next weekend if the lawyers can get it worked out.

    An old friend of mine (Army trauma surgeon) had the following to say about healthcare in the U.S. …

    Here is my obnoxious spiel on why universal healthcare is the wrong answer….
    HEALTHCARE (Keith’s perception): I see universal care as an ideal that if implemented, in reality will create grave disappointment among Americans. I find it odd that despite universal healthcare plans in other nations, these same people from such nations still come to the U.S.seeking the world’s best healthcare…what about their countries’ great healthcare?

    Universal healthcare does NOT mean good healthcare…..the govt will control healthcare forcing mandates; ie. smokers, obese people, alcoholics will be forced to the back of the line, if not outright disqualified for certain benefits (I agree these folks may be less deserved but it still isn’t moral and it is not UNIVERSAL)…..universal care gets you to your family doc…after that be prepared to wait a very long time for MRIs, CTs, consults, surgeries, etc……how is this being paid for? You think healthcare is expensive now…..try tens of billions, actually hundreds of billions of dollars in cost (esp. from taxpayers)…how then can we also bailout AIG, etc., pay for better education, pay for all the other wonderful social programs that are being promised to Americans…WHERE IS THE MONEY???….and if they take it from my taxes and other hard-working Americans, we get to pay for the health insurance for those who just opt not to work or are in this country illegally. . .WHO DON’T PAY TAXES….I’ll choose my own charities, thank you. And lawyers will continue to chase ambulances. Tort Reform is NOT part of the Obama plan. What appears to be an option for adults under the Obama plan will ultimately be mandated and forced on everyone (this has happened under a very similar plan in Vermont)…trust me …it’s the govt… it eventually will be mandated..because some Americans who don’t choose the option will continue to be without healthcare and bitch about it…and the govt will have NO CHOICE  and force people into the supposed optional plan…the presence of stupid people (and there are many) requires mandated/forced healthcare…it’s just the political reality…so why even go there in the first place!!
       The majority of citizens who work FULL-TIME have health insurance…plain and simple. There are of course, exceptions. The issue isn’t so much health insurance (which does need significant reform but that is a different issue) but people getting jobs so they can get coverage for themselves and their families. There are mechanisms in place already…where hospitals/clinics that receive state or federal funds have to see everybody who walks through their doors..it’s law! Children in this country ALMOST already have universal coverage under various state legislation in the form of Medicaid or it’s variants.
       No time in our country’s history has the standard of living been so high. It is ironic that the same people who complain about healthcare wouldn’t dream of giving up their satellite TV, X-boxes, nice cars, expensive tennis shoes, or how about that big house they cannot afford.. but don’t consider healthcare a priority for themselves or their families. You cannot legislate or enforce personal responsibility unless you prefer socialism. Socialized medicine may sound great but it is LOUSY… I guarantee it!!. Be careful what you ask for because you may get it!! Then the bitching will have only just begun.
    Whew….I’m done with that :)

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