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Should anyone pay attention to anything I write here, these are my thoughts on comments. Strong language may cause your comment to be held, and as I work it could be a while (I have kids who might visit.)

I would prefer to avoid discussions between people who want to argue in the manner of “leftists are all…” or other such broad based arguments. Such statements prove nothing more than your narrow view of how people think. If it grows tiresome I will give notice and delete the comments. I am not paid for this, so if it leads to less traffic, so be it. Go ahead and disagree with someone as strongly as you like, but face his or her arguments. No endless discussions of who is nastier, neo-cons or liberals means much to me. I have too much respect, no matter how much I might disagree with them, for people such as Matthew Yglesias and Kevin Drum or Greg Djerejian and Glen Reynolds to hear how everybody is alike. If you want to pursue such lines of attack, be careful and considerate. Attack them, me or other commenters for what they say, not the supposed sins of the groups that you believe are relevant. I will make an exception for obvious definable groups such as Nazi’s, Communists, etc. Those are guidelines; please use your best judgment.


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