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Jupiter Unveiled

A simply stunning series of pictures of Jupiter and its moons. Lots more at the link.

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Yuri’s Night

A worldwide celebration is happening tonight. Yuri’s Night!

The local arts organization I am a member of, Art Mob, is supporting our local version. Unfortunately Art Mob’s sight is having trouble, but the temporary site can be found here. I just spent the afternoon at a juried art competition and art walk we organized, “Smock Paper Scissors.” It was raising money to support the arts programs for Baton Rouge’s new Autonomous Schools Network. My job was to take students around to all the exhibits, discuss the art, engage the artists and students, etc. Great fun, the kids were wonderful, the artists eager to discuss their work and art with the kids.

To find your own version of Yuri’s night:

Yuri’s Night is like the St Patricks Day or Cinco de Mayo for space. It is one day when all the world can come together and celebrate the power and beauty of space and what it means for each of us.

You can go here. If there isn’t one, it isn’t too late to start an impromptu one. Ours will be at a local alternative bar downtown, Redstar. I am attached to the place because the jukebox is fantastic (The lovely lady pictured at the Jukebox is certainly a consideration as well.) I think it is the only place in town that I can count on being able to play the Stooges. Sometimes you just need to hear Search and Destroy while you are out drinking beer.

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Is That A Big Lense, or Are You Happy To See Me

Yep, that’s a big lens all right. 12X optical zoom, equivalent to a 432mm telephoto on a 35mm camera. Biggest lens I have right now. The previous shots of the lunar eclipse were taken with this camera. Still getting used to the new features, and controls, but I love it.

Here is the camera.

Canon Powershot S5

Here is the picture that’s on the LCD display. The sunrise this morning viewed from our driveway.


And this camera also has a great macro setting. You can focus right up to the lens. This is a shot of a small rice cake I was snacking on last night.


For a full review of the camera you can go here

So far I can definitely recommend this camera.

Thumbs Up

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Blegging for Votes

Hey, I entered a online photo contest. Here is one of the photo’s I entered. I would really like to win the Canon 40D, as I’ve had my eye on it since it was released. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for one of my pictures…

Voting starts tomorrow February 22 and goes through February 29.

(Click on photo and enter your email to vote)

The Trees

The Trees
© 2007 Keith Mitchell


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Moon Be Gone

If you missed the eclipse of the moon last night, it was quite a sight. These two pictures were only taken about a minute apart. The first picture is closer to what was actually viewable to the naked eye. The second picture is with a wider aperture.

Eclipse 1

f8.0 @ 1/4 sec ISO 400

Eclipse 2

f3.5 @ 1/4 sec ISO 400

They were taken at 10:05 PM, on a tripod using full zoom, and with the self-timer to eliminate any shake. Also had to turn off the image stabilization of the camera.

BTW it was 12 degrees out w/o figuring in windchill.

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LOC Releases Photos on Flickr

Library of Congress releases 3,000 copyright free photos on Flickr. A quick dig found this particular one.

WWII Aircraft Worker

WWII Aircraft Worker
via Lifehacker

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