About Peg

Love of philosophy and the quest for a doctorate brought me to the University of MN over 3 decades ago. Since that time, my life has taken other routes – yet my interest in learning, theory and logic has never ceased.

My current pursuits are many and varied. To put bread on the table, I’m a residential Realtor; a difficult task at present, but I am determined – and, markets always change. Tournament bridge is my avocation. This fascination has taken me across the nation, along with partners, teammates and opponents from literally around the world. Have I battled against Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and other titans of industry? You bet!

When I’m not working on real estate or bridge deals, you can find me snapping photographs or reading, reading, reading, reading!

Politically, I’m some strange brew of libertarian free markets, some liberal social positions, with conservatism for spending, defense and small government.

what if? is my personal blog.

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