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I’m probably the younger one out of the group, so I hope I can bring a different perspective to the site. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in business IT a few years ago, and am a big sports fan. So you can probably expect a few posts about that in the future when we win the national championship like Lance’s LSU Tigers did.

I moved to Houston a few years ago and am a native Texan. I’ve lived in Corpus Christi, Houston, and Austin. I usually spend my time reading and/or on the computer. I forget how I even found it, but Instapundit was the first blog I started reading regularly. From there I found QandO, and then A Secondhand Conjecture once I saw all my favorite commenters had their own blog. I really enjoy the civil evenhanded libertarian discussion that goes on here. During the day you can find me as one of the three members of the QandO chat.

I think maybe my first brush with libertarianism was when I took an economics class in high school. It just made so much sense and really showed me how the world works. However libertarianism wasn’t even something I knew about back then as I wasn’t very politically aware back then. To me it’s both the most moral way to govern and also works the best in the long run.
Anyways, it’s really great to be here with a bunch of guys I’ve come to really respect and admire.

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