About Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is Papa Bear to a bear family of five (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas. By day he anonymously toils supporting a prosperous fruit company’s server products while at night he wastes his time reading the internet cover to cover. Astrological Sign: Pisces. Turn-Ons: Milton Friedman, firearms, breakfast tacos, F.A. Hayek, concrete houses, Jeeps, compound interest, The Beatles, and human freedom. Turn-Offs: the war on drugs, collectivism (in all of its forms), fear (in all of its forms), mountain cedar pollen, and mean people (all of which seem strangely related, no?). Favorite Fantasy: a Liberal Capitalist Party.

I first met Lance at Camp Singing Waters during the summer between second and third grade some 35 years ago. I was the scared fat kid, he was the goofy skinny kid. Since then we’ve seen each other through junior high football and GT classes, high school and Explorer Post, girlfriends, VWs, an apartment or two, Mardi Gras, an ocean of beer, children and wives, inter-state moves—and somehow we’ve never managed to ditch each other. The thing I love most about Lance is that if you mostly do what he says, he’s always, always happy to tell you about the rabbits one more time.

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