McCain in Indy

John McCain is speaking in Indianapolis today.

Some high lites

* Doesn’t think subsidies are needed for ethanol

* Speech was heavy on National Defense

* Wants free and fair elections in Cuba, will not provide aid or assistance until political prisoners are released.

* Wants to keep tax rates low, and simplify the tax code.

* We need to eliminate wasteful spending in Washington.

* wants to restore confidence in DC

* We need to take care of our Vets

* Wants to give vets a health card to let them seek private care.

* Iraq “hard, long, tough”

* We are succeeding there, al Queda is on the run but not defeated.

* Setting a date for withdrawal, would let al Queda say they’ve defeated us

* Will bring troops home with honor and victory.

* Will rally people to serve a cause greater than themselves.

**** Q&A

* First question about immigration, Borders first, then dealing with secure ID for foreigners, and then dealing with other issues
* Second about Pence being a VP candidate, now’s not the time to discuss this
* Third Health Care, biggest problem is inflation in health care (10% growth in Medicare,) make insurance affordable and available, outcome based payment for the 5 top illnesses. Put incentives into the process. Wellness and Fitness should be emphasized from youth on up. Govts don’t run things efficiently, and that’s what the Democrats want to do with health care.
* Fourth - didn’t catch question, attack ads, and MSM hit pieces. Trying to keep 527s accountable. Will have a respectfull debate whoever the Dem nominee is.
* Fifth - FCC law? Turn over and allocation of spectrum. Must ensure that first responders are guaranteed part of the spectrum. Wants to keep govt out of it. But wants to make sure there’s not a monopoly. * Sixth - Judges. Respect for the rights of the unborn. Appt judges that would uphold a strict interpretation of the Constitution.
* Seventh - Social Security vs supporting Children - bipartisan committees to solve these tough problems. Reach across the aisle. "SS and Medicare will not be there for young people, if we don't fix the system."
* Eight - Vet w/ Iraq service had questions. -- We need a bigger Army and Marine Corp first, also an Air Force.
* Nine - Veterans will be a high priority for his administration


Some coverage of the event...

Forgot about this line,

Republican presidential front-runner John McCain suggested on Friday that he hoped retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro would die soon and said Castro’s brother will be a worse leader.

“I hope he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon,” McCain told a town-hall style meeting of about 150 people, referring to communist theoretician Marx who died on March 14, 1883.

You can find links to the video of the event here… or do a search there of “McCain Town Hall Meeting”

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