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After speculating upon Hillary Clinton’s strategic thinking with respect to the Democratic nomination, James Taranto concludes (emphasis added):

To summarize, Mrs. Clinton maximizes her chances of becoming president if she (1) does enough damage to Obama to snatch the nomination away from him, (2) failing that, does enough damage to him to bring about his defeat in November, and (3) gets herself on the ticket, whether he wins in November or not.

Some will say Mrs. Clinton is being disloyal to her party if she undermines Obama’s chances of winning in November. But maybe she just practices a different kind of party loyalty. After all, if you can be a patriot while hoping your country loses a war, why can’t you be a loyal Democrat while hoping your party loses an election?

It is an interesting question.

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One Response to “Food For Thought”

  1. on 05 Jun 2008 at 1:05 pm Robby

    She’s a loyal Clintonicrat. Whatever is good for the Clintons is good for the party, the country, and the world.  It’s not like the party has been all that appreciative and supportive of the Clintons this century anyway, in its mad dash to please its radical socialist antiwar wing.

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