Ban All Pointy Objects

It might sound like a bad t-shirt from a gun show, but I’m afraid it’s entirely true: Pat Regan, a prominent British anti-gun rights campaigner, who worked for years to abolish the private ownership of firearms in Britain…has been stabbed to death. Although I hate to make a political point on the back of a senseless and tragic murder, it is necessary to point out that crime and violence can and will always find a way. Violence thrives in a vacuum of values, not an abundance of bullets (or blades).

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One Response to “Ban All Pointy Objects”

  1. on 02 Jun 2008 at 6:56 am Ymarsakar

    One cannot say that fate is not real in the world of karma.
    She was determined to do all that she could so that other mothers didn’t go through the experience that she went through when her son, Danny, was killed.”
    Since crime increases when the payoffs for it increase and the risks decrease, it is inevitable that the BBC would still hold to the presumption that less crime would occur because of a removal of firearms. For without a citizenry armed with firearms, the risks for crime decreases by orders of magnitude. Criminals may tell themselves that they know how to avoid jail or prosecution, but it is not so easy to for a criminal to say that he can avoid bullets with the same proficiency.

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