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War, Peace, and Reconciliation

Some thoughts from Hal Moore on war, peace, and reconciliation.
When the blood of any war soaks your clothes and covers your hands, and soldiers die in your arms, every breath forever more becomes an appeal for a greater peace, unity and reconciliation.

From face-to-face combat to arm-in-arm friendship — unity was restored by our efforts [...]

More Like This Please

I was pleasantly surprised, and mildly irritated, to see that Condi Rice basically called Muqtada al-Sadr a coward while she was in Baghdad recently (via: Instapundit):
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice mocked anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr as a coward on Sunday, hours after the radical leader threatened to declare war unless U.S. and Iraqi forces end [...]

This Generation’s Ernie Pyle

The NEW YORK POST reviews Michael Yon’s new book.

addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fasecondhandconjecture.com%2Findex.php%2F2008%2F04%2F20%2Fthis-generations-ernie-pyle%2F’;
addthis_title = ‘This+Generation%26%238217%3Bs+Ernie+Pyle’;
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What Is ASHC?

There seems to be some confusion on the part of some as to exactly what sort of place ASHC is:
I was rather surprised to read this dubious and scornful appraisal of Michael Yon’s Wallstreet Journal editorial at A Second Hand Conjecture, a heretofore conservative site.
The post Mick Stockinger is referring to was created by Joshua [...]

Poll Shows Swing in Mood

Majority now believe U.S. effort in Iraq will succeed, 53-39 H/T Hot Air
Of course, I don’t believe one should govern based on polling data. If something is the right thing to do, you should do it. What this does deflate is one of the many arguments from the “get-out-now” crowd.

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JD Johannes Speaks With Fausta

Today at 11AM Eastern on Blogtalk Radio.

addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fasecondhandconjecture.com%2Findex.php%2F2008%2F02%2F22%2Fjd-johannes-speaks-with-fausta%2F’;
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Assasination and Democracy

The Bayesian Heresy tipped me to a profile of economist Ben Olken, who has published a couple of papers on the effect of political leaders on economic and political development:
Olken wonders whether economic devel­opment and the path to democratization are shaped more by broad historical forces or by the actions of specific leaders—be [...]

McCain Speaks to Europe

photo: Chris Dunn

Spiegel has a typically aggressive (and aggressively European) interview with John McCain today. In many ways it’s an interesting yet disappointing exercise, due to its focus on the perceived past sins of the Bush administration. While much ground is covered, a little too often Spiegel essentially asks “Bush did XYZ, which is bad. [...]

Noneconomic Man in Modern Europe

photo: Tal Bright
Thomas Barnett bemoans the grotesque state of economics education in Europe, which often ranges from the anti-capitalist to the simply fatuous. But consider this item he cites:
Great French HS textbook: “Globalization implies subjugation of the world to the market, which constitutes a true cultural danger.”
(Thomas P.M. Barnett)
Somewhat bemused by this, Barnett asks “why [...]

Love in a Foreign War

(photo: trish brunner | blog)
This morning I stumbled into the story from last year of James and Lena Ahearn. James, the American officer, Lena the Iraqi woman who was apparently the first war bride in Iraq in 2003. They’d met in Baghdad’s Green Zone and it was a rather charming romance of flowers, with [...]

Beachamp revealed

By all accounts Scott Beauchamp has tried to redeem himself in the eyes of his unit. However, when this story came to a head and the military investigated him, he seems to have been held in rather low regard. Bob Owens has started to put up the documents he has received from the military in [...]

Al Qaeda Casualties

Here’s an interesting figure from 2007 operations in Iraq: “Military operations against al Qaeda in Iraq resulted in the capture of 8,800 militants, while 2,400 were killed.”

addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fasecondhandconjecture.com%2Findex.php%2F2008%2F01%2F21%2Fal-qaeda-casualties%2F’;
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Beating the Tide

The military is praising Syria and Saudi Arabia for their efforts to restrict the flow of insurgent reinforcements into Iraq: “In early 2007, 110 foreigners were coming into Iraq from Syria every month. That is now reduced to 40 to 50.”

addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fasecondhandconjecture.com%2Findex.php%2F2008%2F01%2F20%2Fbreating-the-tide%2F’;
addthis_title = ‘Beating+the+Tide’;
addthis_pub [...]

The Surrender Movement Surrenders

Antiwar groups are dropping their effort to cut off funding for the Iraq war. They’ve decided to concentrate instead on preventing the president from negotiating a long term defense treaty with the Iraqi government. I suppose the thinking is that if you can’t lose the war during the fighting, try to prevent the victory from [...]

Top Al Qaeda Operative Nabbed In Iraq, and Other Good News

Bill Roggio has the scoop at Long War Journal:
The Iraqi Army claimed to have captured the minister of defense of the Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda’s political front organization. Ahmed Turki Abbas was captured after being wounded in a skirmish near Mahmudiyah and “claimed the rank of defense minister,” Qassim al Moussawi, Iraq’s military [...]

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