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Congress Critters

Buy a second house in Sacramento with no money down for 535k even as housing is going down in price. Run for congress. Need money for campaign, but can’t do that and make mortgage payments on a house losing value. Answer to this dilemma?
Let the house go into foreclosure, loan your campaign a bunch of [...]

Where Do Most of Our Problems Come From?

From Congress and the unintended consequences of their actions. Bruce over at QandO has a post discussing an excellent piece by Walter Williams.
Most of the great problems we face are caused by politicians creating solutions to problems they created in the first place. Politicians and much of the public lose sight of the unavoidable fact [...]

“Those poor school kids didn’t hire the right lobbyist.”

Congress is behaving atrociously: cutting assistance to hungry children abroad right when food prices are spiking, and preventing competition amongst our sugar producers. There’s more, of course.
I normally scoff at the talk of “lobbyists” and “special interest groups.” I know several lobbyists, and the only thing that makes them special is they’ve learned how [...]

Fed Games

For a couple of years now, Porkbusters has been on the warpath against wasteful spending in Congress, and although it has had some notable successes (e.g. the “Bridge to Nowhere”), it’s mostly been treading water. The latest battle, dubbed a “Blogger Revolt” by the Club for Growth (via Instapundit) was ignited by the appointment [...]

Belichick = Cheater!!!

Sen. Arlen Specter says so. Though, why the US Senate is investigating the NFL about this is beyond me. I’m willing to forgo that discussion because the Patriots are evil. Evil cheaters! I’m just glad the country doesn’t have more pressing problems, so the Senator has the extra time on his [...]

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