Voluntary association and Freedom

I’ve been hearing a lot, lately, about how the police over-step when they arrest people for what amounts to “being rude to police officers.” I’ve been hearing a whole lot about how our freedoms are infringed if we can’t even speak our minds just because the other person is a cop or else we’ll get arrested.

It is presented as a matter of freedom and liberty.

So I thought I’d describe what freedom and liberty would actually look like in a situation such as the Gates-Crowley affair.

First… the police would be a privately contracted by Gates to protect his person and property. Technology would allow a 911 call to be routed to the proper firm, without too much problem, and security firms would have reciprocity agreements between them.

So… someone sees a couple of men breaking into a house and calls security. The contracted security or someone covered by the reciprocity agreement show up to check it out. They don’t know Gates from God, so they move to make certain that he is the owner of the house and that, since he just arrived home, that no one else is hiding in the residence. And then the responding security people leave.

Hey, isn’t something missing?

Why yes… Gates, no matter how jet-lagged or ill, does not verbally abuse those he has hired to provide police services. Why not? Because he knows that it is a voluntary association. He can fire them, but more importantly they can refuse to work for him, ever again, and can pass the word that he’s a client who is more trouble than he is worth. If he is verbally abusive the moment police services arrive they may just leave again and never ever come back.

The violation of freedom and liberty is based in the foundation of a denial of voluntary association.

That Gates doesn’t have the freedom to be verbally abusive on the front porch of his own home is a result of the fact that the police don’t have the freedom to tell him to stuff it where the sun don’t shine and put his home on the “do not respond” list.

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