Medical Advice

While you’re still not taking medical advice from the Huffington Post, also avoid it from Oprah.

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  1. on 05 Jun 2009 at 1:41 am Randy

    Good medicaladvice for all.

    The zerO, perpetually claiming crisis this and crisis that(when not on his World Apology Tour) lays all of our troubles at the foot of a Health Care System out of control. He stated that he wants the money from the Cap & Trade (Call it the Pelosi massive Global Warming Tax  as a down payment for his reform of health care (nee Obama’s Socialized Medicine).

    Waxman had to pull this bill out of the Agriculture Committee because the conservative Democrat’s were teaming with Republicans to water down the bill and make it innocuous. Waxman got the order from Pelosi to pull it and rush it out. In order to get it out of committee, he had to grant exemptions for a great many industries and states critical to the votes to move the bill.

    So now, with Obama spending money for health care that will not be there because  is slightly less massive, the deficit begins to soar even more under the zerO’s budget that includes his massive Socialize Health Care.

    The negative impacts on the budget due to the change in the Massive Global Warming Tax offers up the chance to marshall Blue Dog Democrats against Obama’s Massive Socialize Health Care Bill.

    Follow the link and get educated. Pay attention and organize yourself to fight Pelosi’s Massive Global Warming Tax. You just might save yourself from dying at the hands of Obama’s Health Care Czar.

    Resistance is building against ( “ Pelosi’s Massive Global Warming Tax. Many Blue Dog’s recognize it for the poison it is and doubt they can support it and survive the next election. Let us encourage that thinking.

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