Teach Your Children Well

From a Wall Street Journal reader:College

“The courageous thing for Congress to do would be to get rid of student-loan subsidies entirely. Then watch tuitions tumble towards ‘the affordable’ as academe realizes nobody’s throwing money at it any more.”

– John K. Lunde

Why is it so difficult for so many to miss this simple truth? If the enormous maw of federal spending were not available to pump up tuition prices at schools, then they would of necessity fall to levels where real people could pay them.

And if our schools taught courses highlighting this sort of reasoning, we’d all be far better served, too!

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One Response to “Teach Your Children Well”

  1. on 25 Apr 2008 at 10:56 pm peter jackson

    We can always hope that the colleges and universities will lose their oligopoly on higher education. The truth is that’s been the happy trend for the last ten years. 

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