Why White People Like Free Health Care

Yet another reason to read Steve Newton, you discover blogs with stuff like this on it:

But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. This would allow them to work as a freelance designer/consultant/copywriter/photographer/blogger, open their own bookstore, stay at home with their kids, or be a part of an Internet start-up without having to worry about a benefits package. Though many of them would never follow this path, they appreciate having the option.

If you need to impress a white person, merely mention how you got hurt on a recent trip Canada/England/Sweden and though you were a foreigner you received excellent and free health care. They will be very impressed and likely tell you about how powerful drug and health care lobbies are destroying everything.

Though their passion for national health care runs deep, it is important to remember that white people are most in favor of it when they are healthy. They love the idea of everyone have equal access to the resources that will keep them alive, that is until they have to wait in line for an MRI.

This is very similar to the way that white people express their support for public schools when they don’t have children.

Actually, the first paragraph for the first time made me wish we did have free health care!

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One Response to “Why White People Like Free Health Care”

  1. on 02 May 2008 at 3:45 am Joshua Foust

    Stuff White People Like is pure genius. I’m only a little ashamed to admit I like a good majority of what’s on there :-)

    My favorite? “The Idea of Soccer.” After trying to explain the wonders of EPL or the Bundesliga to normal white people who talk a lot of soccer, it’s just brilliant.

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