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Ellas Otha Bates, R.I.P.

Rock & Roll lost one of it’s brightest and most penetrating stars yesterday, even if one of the least well known. The founder of the jungle beat heard in too many songs to count over the last 50 years succumbed to heart failure at his home in Archer, FL, at the age [...]

Cheap Sunglasses: ZZ Top and the Price of Fame

Previously posted on last.fm, now with political addendum at the end.
The concept of the price of fame is usually applied in the sense of the personal cost to the famous, from the relatively mild annoyance of not being able to go out without being recognized, to the deep existential crises and insanity of megastars like [...]

Pressing the Flesh

Robby and I got back to our roots a few weeks ago, garage band roots that is. We went to see the Fleshtones. Robby shared his thoughts over at Last Fm. I figure they belong here as well. First, my verdict. Maybe the most fun band ever live. Yeah, click the links, go listen to [...]

American Idol Inspired-UPDATE

I actually enjoyed American Idol tonight, in past years I couldn’t say that (though Carrie Underwood was hot.)
One of them performed this song, and did a pretty good job. No graphics, but the best sound quality of the video’s I found:

There was also an interesting copy of the Carpenters Superstar. However, to hear the definitive [...]


Two things you probably don’t know about me and one you probably do:
(1) I’m a pretty decent musician and singer.
(2) I love American Idol.
(3) I hate John Lennon’s “Imagine” because of the message, even though I’ve always enjoyed the tune itself.
This is 17 year old David Archuleta singing his own version of “Imagine” tonight on [...]

REM’s New Single

Can be found here. For those who missed the tale of REM, Robby and I, I am promoting it to the front page.
Hat tip: Instapundit

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“If We Had Some Global Warming”

Please, if you have any humanity in you - do your part to add just a bit to global warming today.
It’s important.

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Money Honey Memories

Horrible audio and video quality, but here’s Joey Ramone performing Maria Bartiromo live. Joey would be dead six months later, but the financial industry and markets he celebrated and loved live forever. You can download a high quality version of this classic track here for ninety-nine cents.

addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fasecondhandconjecture.com%2Findex.php%2F2008%2F01%2F30%2Fmoney-honey-memories%2F’;

Unfortunate cultural dominance

18 years ago when I was in the Philippines a somewhat similar song was popular. The song advised, “Not all the World is America.” Well, I figured then that the point made was a good one. It’s a good one now. What I think is significant, [...]

Walking Spanish

To love a song, it’s not important that you understand the words. And I say that as a onetime lyricist and singer. As one of my guitarists often reminded me, “the words don’t matter.” Well, yeah they do, but not as much as lyricists like to think. For example, I enjoy Elvis Costello’s lyrics tremendously, [...]

La Jetée

Chris Marker’s still powerful 1962 post-apocalyptic short film, with its classic anagnorisis finale. Produced entirely with still photographs, music and voice-over narration, it portrays a horrifying future world and the melancholic vision of a man consumed with nostalgic love for a dead woman he saw as child. Becoming the subject of the subterranean totalitarian government’s [...]

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