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A Sexual Imagination is Not a Crime

(photo: Serguei Kovalev)
Christopher Hitchens once said that the trouble with biographers of Thomas Jefferson, is that there appears to be the collective assumption on their part that the great man was without a penis. I’m reminded of this truth in reading about the very hot water Mr. Al Franken –the all-but-certain Democratic nominee for US [...]

Hear, Hear

One of my girlfriends is smart as a whip and a talented artist to boot.  Cathy is also hard of hearing.
While Cathy can read lips and she also has a device that allows her to converse in very small groups, she is unable to hear in most other settings.  Last year, the two of us [...]

“If We Had Some Global Warming”

Please, if you have any humanity in you - do your part to add just a bit to global warming today.
It’s important.

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