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Potent Quotables

I’ve always loved that quote from Charles Austin Beard about earning a reputation as a “dangerous citizen” by quoting the founding fathers. This quote is from the man who made the “dangerous citizen” a cinematic icon, including in one of my all time favorite movies The Outlaw Josey Wales:
I don’t pay attention to either [...]

What Is ASHC?

There seems to be some confusion on the part of some as to exactly what sort of place ASHC is:
I was rather surprised to read this dubious and scornful appraisal of Michael Yon’s Wallstreet Journal editorial at A Second Hand Conjecture, a heretofore conservative site.
The post Mick Stockinger is referring to was created by Joshua [...]

Death by Fairness

photo: Simón Pais-Thomas
Mick at Uncorrelated has another lovely post on the essentially vile character and politics of Mike Huckabee. Toward the end of his remarks he briefly hits Huckabee’s proposed Fair Tax:
…and politically DOA policy planks like the fair tax.
Politically DOA we must hope, because Huckabee’s tax plan would do more than “eliminate the IRS.” [...]

That Nightmare Ticket

Sadly, Mike Huckabee remains in the race in order to distort it. One has to wonder if the increasingly paranoid crypto-theocrat’s gambit to become McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee succeeds, how substantially will it depress mainstream conservative turnout? I’d say pretty significantly, as this is a concord between the liberal + soc-con wings of the party [...]


Kip Esquire:
One man’s “litmus test” is another man’s “principled stance.” Calling it one in one instance and the other in another instance is every man’s “hypocrisy.”
Via Wulf

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