Poor, Poor Pitifull Me

Gleenwald sure is going to a lot of trouble to play the victim…

His latest update on the possibility that a member of the US Military is not treating him with all the respect due to a member of the professional press (aside: I thought bloggers were all a bunch of pajama’s wearing cretins?)

On a different note, John Cole highlights the key point here that should not be lost. Independent of the authenticity of the first email, Col. Boylan’s subsequent emails to me were snide, hostile and nonresponsive (”What I am doing about it does not concern you”). Whatever else one might think about the views I have expressed, I don’t think anyone can say I was anything but professional and civil in all of my interactions with him, yet his responses today were roughly the same as the ones encountered by The New Republic: arrogant and obstructionist stonewalling (Franklin Foer noted “a months-long pattern by which the Army has leaked information and misinformation to conservative bloggers while failing to help us with simple requests for documents”).

As Cole notes, that behavior stands in stark contrast to the extremely eager and cooperative conduct in which they engage when passing on information to the right-wing blogs and pundits whose political views are apparently aligned with theirs. That takes us back to the first and most important point — the U.S. military, which has an obligation to conduct itself apolitically and professionally, appears in many cases to be doing exactly the opposite.

Hmm, I would guess, but perhaps the emailer thinks the same thing should apply to members of the media.

That members of the media have an obligation to conduct itself apolitically and professionally.

Just a thought.

I’ve generally found that when respect is given, it is received back in kind.

Update: Just on a lark I threw his screed into Word.

3823 words long to complain that he received a rude email… And he gets paid for this stuff?? Where can I sign up?

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