Possibly The Most Important News Of The Decade

Jonathan Adler tells us why it was a “Big Day In Philadelphia.” If you don’t know why I care, then read this closely (and yes, the picture was taken by my four-year old son).

If you read the comments to Adler’s post, keep in mind that Caps fans are not terribly knowledgeable about hockey … that comes with playoff experience, which they will get plenty of in the next few years. Also, I do want to shout out to the Caps fans in general that y’all are very classy. Flyers fans are used to getting pummeled in any opinion forum, but by and large Caps fans not only took the series in stride (which was hands down the best series of the first round), they were just as classy as their players on the ice in for a well fought series. I look forward to a new (and honestly appreciative) rival in the Eastern Conference. Given the talent that the Caps have, it will be the Flyers wishing them well in their march towards the Stanley Cup in a few years, if not sooner.


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