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Frank Miller’s Geostrategic Theory

Frank Lovece sat down with Frank Miller for Newsday to discuss his upcoming film The Spirit. Toward the end of it Lovece asked Miller about remarks he’d made in 2007 in support of the Iraq War, and offered him an opportunity to clarify/retract. Miller was unapologetic:

Miller: When the U.S. was attacked at Pearl Harbor, we didn’t just declare war on Japan, we declared war on Germany. It was an international fascist effort. And so when I said that the attack on Iraq made sense, it was the same way we had to attack not just Afghanistan. Instead we had to attack the center of Islamofascism.


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Formula Zero

The Onion brutally satirizes Hollywood and its formulaic, politically correct, and downright cheap storytelling techniques.

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The McCarthyism of 2008

Joe McCarthy

Are you now, or have you ever been a conservative?

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What’s wrong with Iraq War Movies?

I’m often guilty of seeing connections between things that others seem to think make no sense at all. So bear with me and then tell me what you think.

The New York Times review of “Stop-Loss” explains the failure of Iraq themed movies in this way, “The commercial failure of last autumn’s crop of high-profile Iraq-themed movies — Paul Haggis’s “In the Valley of Elah” and Brian De Palma’s “Redacted” among them — has hardened into conventional wisdom about the moviegoing public’s reluctance to engage the war on screen.”

We’re tired of the war. We don’t want to hear about it. But does that even make sense?


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A Bombshell in Baghdad

Angelina Jolie

Video (transcript) of Angelina Jolie’s CNN interview from Baghdad on the Iraqi refugee crisis. In the UN’s often ridiculous efforts to hire Hollywood nonentities to promote various causes, Angelina was probably their wisest. Men generally rule the troublespots of the world, and what man would refuse to meet with Angelina? Indeed, it looks like even General Petraeus seized the occasion. Who could blame him.

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The Feminization of Men Produces Lesbianism?

Actress Sharon Stone says she’s disgusted by feminized modern men, and thus has turned to masculine women: “Now men act like women and it is difficult to have a relationship because I like men in that old-fashioned way. I like masculinity and, in truth, only women do that now.” Hmm. Perhaps that makes better sense in California.

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