Media Arrogance On Display

In case you haven’t already seen it, go ahead and read this journalism professor’s condescending look at blogging. Prepare to wretch.

Supporters of “citizen journalism” argue it provides independent, accurate, reliable information that the traditional media don’t provide. While it has its place, the reality is it really isn’t journalism at all, and it opens up information flow to the strong probability of fraud and abuse. The news industry should find some way to monitor and regulate this new trend.

Then go read Billy Hollis’ takedown. Prepare to smile and nod.

Mr Hazinski, you guys in the mainstream media are in deep, deep trouble. The whole world is changing around you, and you can’t keep up. We are in the information age, and there is literally no way short of dictatorship to suppress information flow in today’s world. All you would do with your “standards” is impose more costs on your own organizations that are stupid enough to buy into de facto censorship, while the new media will ignore such nonsense and go on making you ever more irrelevant.

I really have nothing to add to Billy’s post other than, I find it really telling that the “professional” journalist thinks that the answer to problem of the industry having no standards is to require them for bloggers.

Anyway, RTWT.

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