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What a contest!

You can pick which one thrills you the most, LSU’s thrilling last second win against Auburn or Bobby Jindal winning the Louisiana Governors race and avoiding a runoff.

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News Brief, The Great Salt Lake Edition

Non-bullet lists can be found over at The Conjecturer.
Defense & The War

Hahahaha, not knowing how your contractors can be held legally accountable for their crimes it totes funny!
Is it 2009 yet?
Meanwhile, Singer laments the partisanship that’s infected the debate, and the, uhh, raging ignorance of the issue by the political leadership—especially Congress.
In case anyone was […]

WWE suspends TEN superstars

Shocked I tell you, I am absolutely shocked to learn that some professional wrestlers take steroids.
OK, I’m not shocked, and this is a good move by WWE. Now if we could only get “professional” baseball, and football to go along with this. Or stop the hypocrisy and start enhanced leagues, where anything goes. […]

Football mascots living the good life

My home is featured in a story in the Wall Street Journal this morning on the current trend in college athletics of building massive park like structures for animal mascots to live in. Southern Universities new home for their Jaguar Lacumba is the main story, but the truly palatial home for the LSU Tigers Mike […]

Thought MLB had it bad?

Apparently Democrat Congressman from California, Tom Lantos, has decided that Congress’ recent attacks on Major League Baseball and its various teams and athletes just weren’t enough. Now, it seems, the NFL is in for it. Citing the recent investigation into Atlanta Falcons’ Quarterback Michael Vick’s former home in Virginia, the distinguished gentleman from […]

Racist Referees?

I haven’t read the paper, just the article, the executive summary, the discussion on the radio, at Matthew Yglesias’ and at Marginal Revolution. So maybe these points have been covered in the full paper in a satisfactory manner.
I also do not mean to imply I doubt that there are disparities in how referees call games, […]

Want Progress, Race it, or Militarize it

An electric motorcycle is tearing up the track, and setting records. And improving at a very impressive rate. 6/10ths of a second gain in 3 months.
A123Systems today announced that The KillaCycle, the world’s quickest electric motorcycle and the official world record holder in the ¼ mile drag, broke the world record again using […]

I Still Enjoy Shaq

Even though he kept my beloved Mavericks from taking home the hardware last year. I loved him at LSU (and imagine if Chris Jackson had stuck around and Stanley Roberts had decided to stay in school for Shaq’s sophomore year) and that trumps any Mavericks loyalty. In addition, from Eric Umansky we get this:


Shaquille O’Neal, […]

Good News for Floyd Landis

(H/T- Tom Maguire)
I’ll admit, I always found Landis not passing the drug test after his remarkable stage 17 win inexplicable. It never made any sense, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. So we now see he may have reason for complaint:
Tour de France champion Floyd Landis claims
more mistakes were made in his doping case, […]

Dennis Johnson RIP

I was a huge Celtics fan growing up, and really stayed one until I moved to Fort Worth where I became as addicted to the Mavericks as I once was to the Celtics. The great, and under appreciated, Dennis Johnson has now passed on. I still remember him from his first two years in the […]

It’s DAA Colts!

Although not a huge fan of either of the teams playing in this year’s Superbowl, I admit to being both impressed and happy that Indy won. The first quarter made me doubt Indy’s chances, but they struggled back to to take the lead heading into halftime. Peyton Manning can now put the ghost […]

I Am The Predicter

While my political prognostications may not be up to snuff, I could not resist pointing out a prediction that I nailed:
It’s still early in the season, but I think a Chicago-Indy SB is the best bet, and my money is on Manning.
Accolades are welcome in the comment section.

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From the Department of “You have got to be kidding”

The Nation of Islam has a sports blog (Hat tip: Three Sources) and it is a riot. I thought the nonsense at the Stormfront (not linking, I tired of their schtick when I linked to them last time) site was offensive and ridiculous. Get a load of this (which at first I thought might be […]