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Don’t Panic!!!

Just to put Iowa in a bit of perspective…
What happened on the Republican side last night is not terribly different from what happened in 1988, when Pat Robertson finished a strong second behind nearly-neighboring-stater Bob Dole (Bush 39 finished third). Like Robertson, Huckabee turned out enough of the local Baptists to swamp the tiny caucus […]

New Dynamic This Election??

Michael Barone notices a pattern which may be in play this election season. I think he’s a little off in his characterization of the median-age voter, as I am one of them. But then maybe my remembering the tail-end of Vietnam, Watergate, the oil-embargoes, stagflation, and the Carter presidency, isn’t usual for those […]

Hillary gets Cadillac Tight

Blog friend Joe Tobacco endorses Hillary for President. Probably my pick from the Democrats as well, though I am still looking.

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Fred Thompson’s New Iowa Ad

I’ve received a few emails alerting me to the fact that the blogburst for Fred Thompson was a success (congratulations to Rick Moran for spearheading that), and as a result, the following commercial “Substance” will be airing in Iowa:

If your so inclined, go here to donate to Fred’s campaign. If you are unsure whether […]

Fred Thompson Picks Up Another Endorsement

Freddy-come-lately is gaining some steam in Iowa, picking up an endorsement from the Ottumwa Courier this week:
Thompson is unapologetic on his views and is a straight-shooter.
“These are clearly challenging times. I don’t think we’ve fully come to terms with the kind of world we live in,” he told members of the Courier editorial board recently.
Indeed, […]

Grinchwald’s Stocking Stuffer

It shouldn’t surprise me the lengths that Greenwald will go to distort what people say in order to lambaste his enemies, but his Christmas offering really takes the figgy pudding.

Mike Huckabee’s Christmas ad — like everything Huckabee does — provoked all sorts of vehement, angry, un-Christmas-like attacks from Republican pundits. The GOP establishment almost uniformly […]

Fred’s Interview With The Waverly Democrat

Although the Silly Hat story seems to have died on the vine (thanks to bloggers jumping on it quickly, I might add), the reporting of Roger Simon (sans-L) is still under scrutiny. Bob Owens examined some of the discrepancies between what Simon reported and what the video revealed with respect to the Silly Hat […]

The Trouble With Being Roger Simon

In all the kerfuffle yesterday over just what transpired in Silly-Hat-Gate, I somehow neglected to mention that the author of the Politico post, Roger Simon, is not the same as the PJM Editor, Roger L. Simon, who has this to say about the incident:
having viewed the video, I can say this: I don’t know what […]

Fred Thompson’s “Silly Hat Rule” (UPDATED)

Via Allahpundit at Hot Air, it seems that Politico is a little down on Fred’s campaign visit to Waverly, Iowa:
Thompson rode four blocks to the local fire station. Local fire stations always have captive audiences (unless there is a fire).
Inside, Thompson shook a few hands — there were only about 15 people there — and […]

Romney Calls For New Government Program

One big problem with that. It already exists:
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney suggested there was no way a landscaping company that worked for him could have known its employees were illegal aliens even though the federal government has an employer verification system that any employer in America, on a voluntary basis, can use for […]

Thompson: A Real Bartlet Man

Speaking of Thompson, his sense of humor (which seemed absent after wonderfully wicked pre-campaign bits such as this) is really starting to come out. I love his response to the AP’s question about the candidates favorite President from the other party. Predictably the Democrat’s all chose Teddy Roosevelt, the Republicans leaned toward Truman. Fred steps […]

The Thompson Surge!-Updated

According to Matt Lewis:
Anyone watching Iowa had better not write Fred Thompson off just yet …
Matt points me to this column:
But after a sluggish start, Thompson has sensed an opening in Iowa, and he’s moving decisively to exploit it. The opening arises from a combination of Romney’s changes of position on social issues and Huckabee’s […]

The Campaign Really Begins: Real heavyweights have entered the building

Thank’s Billy!

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None of your business

McQ discusses Krauthammer’s disgust over the Republican Party and its candidates stooping before those demanding a declaration of religious faith to become President. From Krauthammer:
I’d thought that the limits of professed public piety had already been achieved during the Republican CNN/YouTube debate when some squirrelly looking guy held up a Bible and asked, “Do you […]

Whither The Middle Class?

Hillary and Obama agree on taxing Americans more, they just can’t agree on whether it’s the “middle” or “upper” class that they’re prepared to squeeze for votes (HT: Paul Caron):
Class, always an awkward topic in the United States, made a rare cameo appearance [Ed. note: Rare? Apparently Joel Achenbach is new to politics?] […]

Ron Paul on Racism

I don’t think Ron Paul is a racist, or rather I don’t claim to have any evidence he is, and that is enough to hold from suggesting he is. However, his view of racism and its history is rather bizarre and, dare I say it, wholly focused on “right wing” critiques of racial thinking in […]

Huckabee and Chuck Norris

Does this ad work? I guess so, it is being picked up by us.

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Fred on the war

In the first Pajamas Media War on Terror Conversation, Presidential candidate Fred Thompson discusses the current situations in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. The senator/actor also explains why he thinks the recent Hollywood anti-war films are box office failures. Joining Thompson are PJM CEO Roger L. Simon and Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee. (Produced by […]

Was The Democratic Debate A Canned Event?

(Via Gateway Pundit) It sure looks that way:
Maria Luisa, the UNLV student who asked Hillary Clinton whether she preferred “diamonds or pearls” at last night’s debate wrote on her MySpace page this morning that CNN forced her to ask the frilly question instead of a pre-approved query about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.
“Every single […]

Sen. Reid Vows Defeat In Iraq

The war funding bill passed by the House was shot down by the Senate, but Sen. Reid promised to win the Democrats’ war against the White House through attrition (my emphasis):
Nearly a year after anti-war voters put them in power, congressional Democrats remain unable to pass legislation ordering troops home from Iraq.
Frustrated by Republican roadblocks, […]

Liveblogging with the Thompson Campaign

For those who would like a chance to interact with the Thompson Campaign, Fred Thompson Virginia Co-Chairmen Senator George Allen and Attorney General Bob McDonnell will be liveblogging and responding to questions in the comments, at Virginians for Fred Thompson. They’ll do the liveblog from 12:15 (eastern) to 1pm.

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Dershowitz on Waterboarding and the Democrats

In the WSJ:
Consider, for example, the contentious and emotionally laden issue of the use of torture in securing preventive intelligence information about imminent acts of terrorism–the so-called “ticking bomb” scenario. I am not now talking about the routine use of torture in interrogation of suspects or the humiliating misuse of sexual taunting that infamously occurred […]

Republicans Back Impeachment of Cheney!

Well, sort of.
House Democrats on Tuesday narrowly managed to avert a bruising debate on a proposal to impeach Dick Cheney after Republicans, in a surprise maneuver, voted in favor of taking up the measure.
Republicans, changing course midway through a vote, tried to force Democrats into a debate on the resolution sponsored by longshot presidential candidate […]

Fred’s First Commercial

Here it is. What do you think? Does it work in the primaries?

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The Thompson Campaign-Updated 12:30 AM CST 11/7/07

Some feel it is struggling, and maybe it is. The UK Telegraph seems to think so. They delve into the story of whether his heart is really into the campaign. I personally find someone who isn’t consumed by the run for office a good thing, but they find this telling, while I find it refreshing:
Trying […]

Weiss on Obama

Actually it is Weiss on Andrew Sullivan’s frankly ridiculous peon to the man:
I don’t doubt that Obama is the freshest national politician the U.S. has seen in a quite a while. I admire him a lot and — glib Skype conversations with my co-editor aside — I still haven’t made up my mind not to […]

John Edwards

He has his own “I was for it before I was against it” moment. McQ does the heavy lifting. On Sept. 6th:
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will soon be deemed a terrorist organization by the U.S. As president, Edwards will ensure that such steps are not just more rhetoric, but actually lead to results.
On Sept. 7th:
Congress recently […]

The Washington Post Notices Fred Thompson

And gives him front page attention! But only to advance opposition research:
Thompson Adviser Has Criminal Past
By Matthew Mosk
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 4, 2007; Page A01
Republican presidential candidate Fred D. Thompson has been crisscrossing the country since early this summer on a private jet lent to him by a businessman and close adviser who […]

Who Said It?

Can you guess who said the following? (answer after the jump):
“I am not interested in being the candidate of Wall Street but of Main Street,” he says. “CEOs get paid 500 times what the average worker does, but they are not necessarily 500 times smarter or harder-working, and that is wrong.”
A. Dennis Kucinich
B. […]

Dale Franks and the YAF

Some things really tend to leave me with my mouth refusing to shut in astonishment. Now read this:
The Little Green Footballs blog decided to condemn MSU-YAF for hosting Nick Griffin. In case you do not read Little Green Footballs, the blog is pro-Muslim, left-wing, politically correct, and basically a front for neoconservative foreign policy (instead […]