Was The Democratic Debate A Canned Event?

(Via Gateway Pundit) It sure looks that way:

Maria Luisa, the UNLV student who asked Hillary Clinton whether she preferred “diamonds or pearls” at last night’s debate wrote on her MySpace page this morning that CNN forced her to ask the frilly question instead of a pre-approved query about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

“Every single question asked during the debate by the audience had to be approved by CNN,” Luisa writes. “I was asked to submit questions including “lighthearted/fun” questions. I submitted more than five questions on issues important to me. I did a policy memo on Yucca Mountain a year ago and was the finalist for the Truman Scholarship. For sure, I thought I would get to ask the Yucca question that was APPROVED by CNN days in advance.”

Apparently, because so much time had already been spent on Yucca Mountain questions, Maria had to ask one of her other questions which turned out to be the pearls/diamonds query.

CNN demurs.

Can we all just agree that these things are a waste of time?

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One Response to “Was The Democratic Debate A Canned Event?”

  1. on 17 Nov 2007 at 6:29 am Vote for Hillary Online

    This is nothing but yet another reason to attack and smear Hillary. I actually thought it was a pretty valid question.

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