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Simple Urban Revival

While it is mentioned, it rarely gets as much coverage as more grandiose endeavors which feature urban planners and lots of government action, one of the most effective ways to revive a downtown is the arrival of a cinema. While not exactly the type of anchor that a Untied Artists 10 screen or more theater […]

The City Car

Very Cool:
The City Car, a design project under way at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is envisioned as a two-seater electric vehicle powered by lithium-ion batteries. It would weigh between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds and could collapse, then stack like a shopping cart with six to eight fitting into a typical parking space. It isn’t […]

Housing and the Red State-Blue State Divide

Virginia Postrel makes a point I will be exploring in more detail over the next few months in her latest essay at The Atlantic, the reasons behind the vast disparities in housing prices in our country. More interestingly she notices something I hadn’t really considered, at least not in the way she does. The cultural […]

Who Would Have Thought?

One of the more irritating aspects of debates on urban planning is the denial of what should be obvious. More people per square mile relative to the number of miles of roads means more traffic congestion. Yet “Smart Growth” and “New Urbanist” planners continue to act as if mass transit, urban design and increasing density […]

Cities of Men

I have not touched on the subject of the often hostile turn our culture has taken towards men, especially when it comes to their relationships with children. It is not that I don’t agree that that is a concern, in fact quite the opposite. I have in deeply personal ways been effected by this cultural […]

Urban Policy

I recently did an interview, about an hour and a half long, on the ongoing, and fruitful, efforts to revitalize downtown Baton Rouge. We discussed a wide variety of related topics to development; economics, regulatory barriers, the work of the great Jane Jacobs, new urbanism, smart growth, the arts, affordable housing, architecture and design, aesthetics […]