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Comment problems- NOW FIXED!

We are having some technical problems on the site, including comments. When you leave a comment it gives you an error message. Ignore that, and come back to the site. The comment will post. Hopefully we will clear this up quickly.
Problem found thanks to Peter Jackson. Many thanks from us all.

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Don’t Panic!!!

Just to put Iowa in a bit of perspective…
What happened on the Republican side last night is not terribly different from what happened in 1988, when Pat Robertson finished a strong second behind nearly-neighboring-stater Bob Dole (Bush 39 finished third). Like Robertson, Huckabee turned out enough of the local Baptists to swamp the tiny caucus […]

New Dynamic This Election??

Michael Barone notices a pattern which may be in play this election season. I think he’s a little off in his characterization of the median-age voter, as I am one of them. But then maybe my remembering the tail-end of Vietnam, Watergate, the oil-embargoes, stagflation, and the Carter presidency, isn’t usual for those […]

Hillary gets Cadillac Tight

Blog friend Joe Tobacco endorses Hillary for President. Probably my pick from the Democrats as well, though I am still looking.

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The paradox of choice

An interesting TED talk on how to many choices are making us miserable. I’ve been seeing more and more people referring to these talks. Everyone I’ve sat through has been interesting in some way.

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Milton Friedman vs. Naomi Klein

Happy New Year! To start off the year right, let’s have a look at a mock-up of a debate between Naomi Klein, reporter-activist extraordinaire, and Milton Friedman, king of economic liberty (via Instapundit).
This video was put together by Devil’s Advocate at Copious Dissent, where you can find the others in this series.
This […]

Fred Thompson’s New Iowa Ad

I’ve received a few emails alerting me to the fact that the blogburst for Fred Thompson was a success (congratulations to Rick Moran for spearheading that), and as a result, the following commercial “Substance” will be airing in Iowa:

If your so inclined, go here to donate to Fred’s campaign. If you are unsure whether […]

Somebody’s Gearing Up For A HUGE Party

Someone in Georgia is apparently planning on hosting a kegger for a small division [HT: my wife].
Thieves took tractor-trailers loaded with beer and swiped the suds twice within the past week, authorities said.
Dougherty County authorities are investigating a report of a missing 53-foot-long trailer that was loaded with more than 2,300 cases of […]

McQ On The Depletion Of The Officer Corp

Over at QandO, McQ offers his take on a thoughtful article by Andrew Tilghman entitled “The Army’s Other Crisis: Why the Best and Brightest Young Officers are Leaving.”
Here are the nut graphs from McQ:
So we should certainly be concerned about the loss of CPTs. And while the fixes are obvious, given the mission, they aren’t […]

Top Al Qaeda Operative Nabbed In Iraq, and Other Good News

Bill Roggio has the scoop at Long War Journal:
The Iraqi Army claimed to have captured the minister of defense of the Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda’s political front organization. Ahmed Turki Abbas was captured after being wounded in a skirmish near Mahmudiyah and “claimed the rank of defense minister,” Qassim al Moussawi, Iraq’s military […]

Comments Are In Limbo

Just so people know, the recent update of WordPress on our site has a number of places generating errors. Comments are one area, so if you can’t comment, it’s not just you.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Fred Thompson Picks Up Another Endorsement

Freddy-come-lately is gaining some steam in Iowa, picking up an endorsement from the Ottumwa Courier this week:
Thompson is unapologetic on his views and is a straight-shooter.
“These are clearly challenging times. I don’t think we’ve fully come to terms with the kind of world we live in,” he told members of the Courier editorial board recently.
Indeed, […]

You Say You Want a Revolution

These are the events that can kick off revolutions, civil wars, and even God forbid world wars…
Let’s hope and pray this will be a more bloodless revolution.,2933,318510,00.html
Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a homicide attack that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally.
The former prime minister died in Rawalpindi […]

Grinchwald’s Stocking Stuffer

It shouldn’t surprise me the lengths that Greenwald will go to distort what people say in order to lambaste his enemies, but his Christmas offering really takes the figgy pudding.

Mike Huckabee’s Christmas ad — like everything Huckabee does — provoked all sorts of vehement, angry, un-Christmas-like attacks from Republican pundits. The GOP establishment almost uniformly […]

“XMas” Origins

Jon Henke posts an interesting history lesson concerning the origins of the well-known abbreviation for Christmas:
Growing up, I sometimes heard - in church and from various religious scolds - that XMas was a secular attempt to “take Christ out of Christmas”, rather than, say, an attempt to save valuable space on signs.
Jon then links to […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the the ASHC crew. We’ll be taking a bit of a break from the blogging, but be sure to check back after the New Year.
Until then, best wishes to you and yours.

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Fred’s Interview With The Waverly Democrat

Although the Silly Hat story seems to have died on the vine (thanks to bloggers jumping on it quickly, I might add), the reporting of Roger Simon (sans-L) is still under scrutiny. Bob Owens examined some of the discrepancies between what Simon reported and what the video revealed with respect to the Silly Hat […]

Senate Committee Issues Climate-Consensus Busting Report

According to the press release (my emphasis):
Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called “consensus” on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made […]

The Trouble With Being Roger Simon

In all the kerfuffle yesterday over just what transpired in Silly-Hat-Gate, I somehow neglected to mention that the author of the Politico post, Roger Simon, is not the same as the PJM Editor, Roger L. Simon, who has this to say about the incident:
having viewed the video, I can say this: I don’t know what […]

We’re All Teen Girls Now

“Teen pregnancy can happen to everybody.”
Bill Albert, Deputy Director of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, commenting on the recent revelation that 16 y.o. Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.
I’m guessing that I don’t need to explain why that’s stupidest thing I’ve heard all week, and probably this month. It’s certainly in […]

Fred Thompson’s “Silly Hat Rule” (UPDATED)

Via Allahpundit at Hot Air, it seems that Politico is a little down on Fred’s campaign visit to Waverly, Iowa:
Thompson rode four blocks to the local fire station. Local fire stations always have captive audiences (unless there is a fire).
Inside, Thompson shook a few hands — there were only about 15 people there — and […]

Romney Calls For New Government Program

One big problem with that. It already exists:
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney suggested there was no way a landscaping company that worked for him could have known its employees were illegal aliens even though the federal government has an employer verification system that any employer in America, on a voluntary basis, can use for […]

Libertarian Timeline

As told by Mother Jones … so yeah, it’s a little, umm, “slanted.” My favorite distortion:
1977: The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, is founded in San Francisco with funding from oil baron Charles G. Koch. The name comes from Cato’s Letters, newspaper articles written by two Englishmen using the pen name Cato the […]

Thompson: A Real Bartlet Man

Speaking of Thompson, his sense of humor (which seemed absent after wonderfully wicked pre-campaign bits such as this) is really starting to come out. I love his response to the AP’s question about the candidates favorite President from the other party. Predictably the Democrat’s all chose Teddy Roosevelt, the Republicans leaned toward Truman. Fred steps […]

Pining Away For Jihad Johnny

The aptly named Unqualified Offerings has had its share of troubles lately, and I’m not usually one to pile on, but this is simply beyond the pale (emphasis added):
Have We Given Justice to Lindh?
By Mona
American citizen John Walker Lindh is now serving 20 years in this heinous prison for what appears to have been the […]

The Thompson Surge!-Updated

According to Matt Lewis:
Anyone watching Iowa had better not write Fred Thompson off just yet …
Matt points me to this column:
But after a sluggish start, Thompson has sensed an opening in Iowa, and he’s moving decisively to exploit it. The opening arises from a combination of Romney’s changes of position on social issues and Huckabee’s […]

Give Up on Giving Up, Senator Reid

When members of your own party are positive about changes they are seeing first hand in Iraq, maybe it’s time to give up on giving up.
“I feel we’ve made progress, and the other part is I feel we can see an end game in sight,” Donnelly, D-Ind., told reporters on a conference call Tuesday from […]

Hugo Chavez: Gravedigger

Apparently Hugo Chavez takes the resurrection of historical idols quite seriously. And much too literally [HT: Dave In Texas]:
President Hugo Chavez said Monday that Venezuela should open the coffin of independence hero Simon Bolivar to examine the bones, saying there are sufficient doubts about his death in 1830 to warrant a full investigation.
Although history […]

The Bolivian Secession (Update)

It seems that Hugo Chavez is not the only one having trouble instituting his Bolivarian dream state. Evo Morales is facing troubles in Bolivia as well:
Since the election of avowed socialist Evo Morales to the presidency of Bolivia, some have not been particularly happy with the direction he is trying to take the country. […]


I was sent this via my brother from my uncle Pat, a Green Beret (COL Rtd., Army S.F.) It is from the Superintendent of West Point, sent to all cadets following the Army Navy game this year:
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a […]