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Our Arrogant Overlords

As a few of you may be aware, we fans of the LSU Tigers have been blessed with our second chance this decade to watch our beloved football team compete for the BCS Championship. This has led to an enormous demand for the few precious seats available. One small reason so few seats are available […]

The Disappointing Usefulness of Simple Stereotypes

A reporter for the local paper of Jena, LA is pretty disgusted with the coverage of the events surrounding the trials involving the “Jena Six.” We have expressed confusion and frustration over the coverage here, here and here. As I have continued to read about the case his description of events seems more and more […]

What a contest!

You can pick which one thrills you the most, LSU’s thrilling last second win against Auburn or Bobby Jindal winning the Louisiana Governors race and avoiding a runoff.

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Justice in Jena-Updated

As a Louisiana native I probably should have weighed in on the “Jena Six.” Like Michael, and many others, my initial reluctance has been being unsure of what really happened due to sketchy and conflicting reporting. What I can say at this point is that the decisions from a legal perspective have in each aspect […]

Jena In A Bottle

I have been following this story for about a week now, and I still can’t figure out what happened. Most of the core facts seem to be in dispute, such as whether or not the nooses in the “White Tree” were meant to intimidate black students intending to sit under it, or as school […]

Urban Policy

I recently did an interview, about an hour and a half long, on the ongoing, and fruitful, efforts to revitalize downtown Baton Rouge. We discussed a wide variety of related topics to development; economics, regulatory barriers, the work of the great Jane Jacobs, new urbanism, smart growth, the arts, affordable housing, architecture and design, aesthetics […]

Katrina’s Wake - A Tale of Two Cities

Two years after the devastation of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still rebuilding and the politicization of the storm is still raging (emphasis added):
( - In the two years since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005, the Bush administration has failed to restore the city because of its reliance […]

Henry Farrell vs Kos on Jindal

Start with Professor Bainbridge, then read this post by Kos and this post by Henry Farrell of Crooked Timber. Compare and ponder who has more influence in the Democratic Party, Kos and the type of people who launched these attacks in Louisiana or people like Henry Farrell. Dishonesty (or lack of reading comprehension, I vote […]

Vitter escaping voters wrath

My problems with Vitter are pretty much what I have with most Republicans, most prominently and specifically the unconscionable aid requests for our state he made in the aftermath of Katrina along with his Democratic colleague Mary Landrieu. So I have to admit that this doesn’t surprise me:
U.S. Sen. David Vitter is still popular with […]

The Vile Louisiana Democratic Party Strikes Again

Possibly the most despicable, corrupt, racist and venal political major organization in our nation hails from my home state of Louisiana. I am speaking of the Louisiana Democratic Party. The iron grip this organization has held my state in for so long has been slowly crumbling over the past thirty years, but it won’t lose […]

My stupid state

I love Louisiana, but I can only argue about degree (not that I should) when it comes to what JR Ball has to say in the Baton Rouge Business Report (a truly wonderful publication, one of the nations best):
Of all the alarming stats and reports regularly published about the economic future of our state, none […]

Flooding risk remains in parts of New Orleans

Gee, parts of N’Awlins are still under sea level (and unlikely to change.) You would think the above headline was a given.
And why does it NOT surprise me that what the local leaders were most concerned about…
As part of the report, the corps plans to make available a Web site that allows New Orleans […]

Dollar Bill can keep on collecting

You have got to be kidding me:
House Democratic leaders are not expected to pressure embattled Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) to forfeit his lone remaining committee assignment, even as two Republican lawmakers who similarly face intense FBI scrutiny have relinquished their posts in recent days.
Democratic sources indicated that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is unlikely to ask […]

It is looking good for Jindal-Updated

Earlier today John Breaux’s good friend Charles Foti declined to give him an answer as to whether legally he was entitled to run for Governor of Louisiana. From Red State:
Hoping to do an end run around Louisiana’s Constitution, Breaux asked his friend Charles Forti, the Louisiana Attorney General, to issue an opinion that Breaux was […]

Logic Problems at Salon

The subtext of this Salon piece? People in Louisiana sure are stupid. Because everything that went wrong after Katrina was Bush’s fault, and yet the state is growing more staunchly Republican.
I’m going to just leave the “it’s all Bush’s fault” meme alone, except to express astonishment that anyone could make such an argument or have […]