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Ron Paul on Racism

I don’t think Ron Paul is a racist, or rather I don’t claim to have any evidence he is, and that is enough to hold from suggesting he is. However, his view of racism and its history is rather bizarre and, dare I say it, wholly focused on “right wing” critiques of racial thinking in […]

Dale Franks and the YAF

Some things really tend to leave me with my mouth refusing to shut in astonishment. Now read this:
The Little Green Footballs blog decided to condemn MSU-YAF for hosting Nick Griffin. In case you do not read Little Green Footballs, the blog is pro-Muslim, left-wing, politically correct, and basically a front for neoconservative foreign policy (instead […]

Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later — Indoctrination

I hadn’t ever seen this series before, but I have to admit that I find this stuff pretty damn scary:

That’s just a snippet of what is apparently being taught to our kids of high school age. Not only are white kids being denigrated as being overprivileged and unappreciative of “what they have”, as the […]

The Disappointing Usefulness of Simple Stereotypes

A reporter for the local paper of Jena, LA is pretty disgusted with the coverage of the events surrounding the trials involving the “Jena Six.” We have expressed confusion and frustration over the coverage here, here and here. As I have continued to read about the case his description of events seems more and more […]

The Disparities around Jena

A thoughtful look at the story of the Jena Six and the controversy surrounding the case by Steve Coll. The criticisms of Reed Walters are reasonable. Of more interest to me is his point about problems of incarceration rates in general:
It might be of some comfort to politicians, then, if the Jena case, like the […]

Justice in Jena-Updated

As a Louisiana native I probably should have weighed in on the “Jena Six.” Like Michael, and many others, my initial reluctance has been being unsure of what really happened due to sketchy and conflicting reporting. What I can say at this point is that the decisions from a legal perspective have in each aspect […]

Jena In A Bottle

I have been following this story for about a week now, and I still can’t figure out what happened. Most of the core facts seem to be in dispute, such as whether or not the nooses in the “White Tree” were meant to intimidate black students intending to sit under it, or as school […]

The moral bankruptcy of the South African political class

Jamie Kerchick asks if it is time to consider knocking off Mugabe. Probably won’t happen even if it is the right thing to do, but this is part of the reason I despise Thabo Mbeki:
As an umpteenth example of the United Nation’s utter fecklessness, the world body has decided that the millions of Zimbabweans who […]

The Vile Louisiana Democratic Party Strikes Again

Possibly the most despicable, corrupt, racist and venal political major organization in our nation hails from my home state of Louisiana. I am speaking of the Louisiana Democratic Party. The iron grip this organization has held my state in for so long has been slowly crumbling over the past thirty years, but it won’t lose […]

News Brief, Need Your Needs Edition

Cross-posted on The Conjecturer.
The Pentagon

In laying out his thoroughly convincing case against widespread instant adaptation of the MRAP, the Robot Economist says something I thought profound: “One thing that I have noticed about about U.S. operations in Iraq is a tendency to favor material solutions over doctrinal, organizational, and training solutions when a problem crops […]

Racist Referees?

I haven’t read the paper, just the article, the executive summary, the discussion on the radio, at Matthew Yglesias’ and at Marginal Revolution. So maybe these points have been covered in the full paper in a satisfactory manner.
I also do not mean to imply I doubt that there are disparities in how referees call games, […]

News Brief, Mission of Burma Edition

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The Pentagon

This account of an NSA Recruiting drive wasn’t all that remarkable, except for one bit I had never heard before. “It was mentioned that people who had done a lot of illegal file sharing were turned down and told never to apply again.” Now, how they define “a lot” leaves much […]

L’affaire Imus

I haven’t written about the Imus brouhaha, nor have my blogmates. I was tempted for a bit, though only to express my consternation that Imus was being portrayed as a conservative, which is ridiculous. I was disheartened by this, though only because I felt bad for the girls at Rutgers, who dismantled my beloved LSU […]

Shift Happens: No more boring statistics

(Via: Pajamas) Please watch this. In understanding the world our ignorance is a problem, but greater still are the things which we believe we know about the world that we do not. Luckily for you, this is entertaining. Within minutes you will learn you probably are as well informed as Sweden’s top students and the […]

Logic Problems at Salon

The subtext of this Salon piece? People in Louisiana sure are stupid. Because everything that went wrong after Katrina was Bush’s fault, and yet the state is growing more staunchly Republican.
I’m going to just leave the “it’s all Bush’s fault” meme alone, except to express astonishment that anyone could make such an argument or have […]

Dred Scott RIP-Updated

I suggest taking a trip to Gateway Pundit for a fine tribute to Dred Scott, who passed away 150 years ago.

In memory of a simple man who wanted to be free.

His stone reads… “Subject of the decision of the Supreme Court, of the United States in 1857 that denied citizenship to the negro, voided the […]

Welcome to the Mainstream Amanda!-Updated

I don’t spend much time at Pandagon, I just breeze through to see what the nuttier parts of the left side of the blogosphere are up to. Of course I have always taken a particular shine to chuckling at Amanda Marcotte, but pointing out she is a nut of a leftist is a little unfair. […]

That didn’t take long- Biden sticks foot in mouth

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.
-Joe Biden
Did he really say he is the first such African-American?
Michael may be right about this ending his candidacy, but I am not sure.
Let me give him the benefit […]

From the Department of “You have got to be kidding”

The Nation of Islam has a sports blog (Hat tip: Three Sources) and it is a riot. I thought the nonsense at the Stormfront (not linking, I tired of their schtick when I linked to them last time) site was offensive and ridiculous. Get a load of this (which at first I thought might be […]