About Keith_Indy: Only at the top of the list ’cause it’s alphabetical

I’m a 40 something WASP, although less WASPish since moving to the great state of Indiana. Don’t ask me what Hoosier means though, since nobody here in Indiana seems to know either. I grew up in Connecticut, went to college in Pennsylvania (about as far away from my parents as they could drive in a day.) Got my degree in Computer Science and Information Systems just as IBM PC’s with that new fangled MS-DOS were coming out. Had the credits for a Philosophy minor, but never bothered to sign up for it. I am not a nerd or a geek. I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together (ever since I took apart a clock when I was 8 or 9.)

My interests range over a wide area. Photography, travel, off-roading, motorcycles, cars, carpentry, theater (mostly set-building,) gardening, cooking, politics, war games, strategy games, role-playing games (yes, I did play AD&D back in the day.) I like to consider myself somewhat of a renaissance man. I’m married, no kids, and we are DINKYs with 2 dogs (Bogart and Abby.)

I’m currently bringing a 1980 Honda CB750K back to a ridable status, and restoring a 1972 Suzuki T500 to original status. We also have at the moment, a 2005 Honda Rebel which my wife rides, an 87 Firebird, a 72 Buick Skylark, a 70 Chevy pickup, a 96 Landrover Discovery and an 05 Dodge Neon (my saving grace w/ a 49 mile one way highway commute.) If you can’t tell I love cars, and I’m not picky about particular brands. I do believe things should be used for what they are intended, so our cars and bikes get driven, and used hard at times.

In terms of politics, I’m actually very centrist over all. I believe in a strong national defense, while still wanting a small government. Individual freedom is an important aspect of our society, but liberty without responsibility isn’t desirable.

Here are my scores over at the Political Compass are Economic Left/Right: 2.25 (more right then left,) Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.15 (more libertarian then authoritarian.)


Some may ask, why haven’t I been blogging all this time. You’ve probably seen my comments on a number of blogs, including QandO, Roger Simon (before PJM), Mudville Gazette, and recently on Inactivist. Well, I’ve always preferred being a commenter to others thoughts. Lately, that just hasn’t been cutting the mustard. So when Lance invited me to this blog, I decided it was about time. I’m definitely a news junkie, and a research wiz. I’ve been online since the early 90’s when CIS was the big fish.

Others may ask, why not enter politics, we need people like you engaged in the process. (Or I hope at least 51% of the people I debate with think so.) Well, if I didn’t have to do any public speaking, that would be on my list of things to do. I’m a horrible public speaker, worse then President Bush on his worse day. The written word is more my style. I may have been a great politician in the days before radio and TV, but these days, a public debate would kill my chances of being elected.

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    […] Inspired by our newest member, Keith_Indy, I decided to retake the political compass questionnaire regarding political ideology. I’m not terribly confident about the accuracy of this questionnaire, but it is interesting to see the results nonetheless. Based on my answers I fall right on top of Milton Friedman in the lower right quadrant (Economic axis = 6.50; Social axis = -1.95). The questionnaire most likely ranks me a bit higher on the “Authoritarian” axis than is warranted due to the questions regarding religion. However, Milton Friedman is certainly a big informer of my own political philosophy. […]

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