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Grinchwald’s Stocking Stuffer

It shouldn’t surprise me the lengths that Greenwald will go to distort what people say in order to lambaste his enemies, but his Christmas offering really takes the figgy pudding.

Mike Huckabee’s Christmas ad — like everything Huckabee does — provoked all sorts of vehement, angry, un-Christmas-like attacks from Republican pundits. The GOP establishment almost uniformly […]

“XMas” Origins

Jon Henke posts an interesting history lesson concerning the origins of the well-known abbreviation for Christmas:
Growing up, I sometimes heard - in church and from various religious scolds - that XMas was a secular attempt to “take Christ out of Christmas”, rather than, say, an attempt to save valuable space on signs.
Jon then links to […]

None of your business

McQ discusses Krauthammer’s disgust over the Republican Party and its candidates stooping before those demanding a declaration of religious faith to become President. From Krauthammer:
I’d thought that the limits of professed public piety had already been achieved during the Republican CNN/YouTube debate when some squirrelly looking guy held up a Bible and asked, “Do you […]

“I don’t like other people telling me what to do.”

One of the reasons I abhor communitarianism (and tend to see my political philosophy as the opposite of that) is because it vests communitarian thinkers with the self appointed power to tell me (and others) what to do. Provided, of course, that they come up with a claim to do so in the name of […]

Evidence for a deity?- Updated with Video and a link Bleg!

Update: Michael has been talking some smack. He has laid down a challenge. He calls it tits versus snits. His coverage of Reid’s machinations on the war, versus my attention to Salma’s breasts. Which is unfair, he has an Instapundit link. So I am asking Glenn Reynolds to rectify this so we can find out, […]

Slippery Slope

I guess “man bites dog” is just too normal nowadays:
NEW DELHI - A man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death — an act he believes cursed him — a newspaper reported Tuesday.
P. Selvakumar married the […]

The Reavers Arrive Amongst the Children

59 Schoolchildren Killed in Afghan Blast
Aziz Poonawala tells us who we are really talking about:
not to contradict Tariq bhai, but these aren’t even people. They are Reavers, and they will burn in hellfire.
More importantly, it behooves us all to remember who kills the most innocent muslim blood in this world. Not secret Jewish cabals, or […]

Shift Happens

Sometimes information like this makes me sit back and think “whoa” (sounding to much like neo in the matrix.) Not only is this a small world (which we often forget,) but it is becoming an exponentially complex and interconnected one.

glumbert - Shift Happens
The Singularity is Near.
Heck, I read sci-fi, and try to keep up […]

Ann Coulter is a Nazi

Or at least, according to what Michael Savage implied last night, she is the harbinger of nasty things to come, if all righteous people don’t rhetorically smite her down. So, what is up with Ann Coulter???
PJ Media has a roundup of blogger reaction.
As for me,
Yeah, what Ann Coulter said was outrageous, rude, and […]

The Real Culture War

Doesn’t this sound familiar…
Islamist radicals in Pakistan have attempted to destroy an ancient carving of Buddha by drilling holes in the rock and filling them with dynamite.
The Buddha, in the Swat district of north-west Pakistan, is thought to date from the seventh century AD and was considered the largest in Asia, after the two Bamiyan […]

Socialism’s Last Supper

Lee over at Postpolitical has some thoughts on the mural below found in Caracas Venezuela:

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China decides to regulate reincarnation

In one of history’s more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. According to a statement issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, the law, which goes into effect next month and strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate, is “an important […]

Henry Farrell vs Kos on Jindal

Start with Professor Bainbridge, then read this post by Kos and this post by Henry Farrell of Crooked Timber. Compare and ponder who has more influence in the Democratic Party, Kos and the type of people who launched these attacks in Louisiana or people like Henry Farrell. Dishonesty (or lack of reading comprehension, I vote […]

News Brief, Our Love to Admire Edition

Cross-posted on The Conjecturer

Hans Kristensen, who runs the Strategic Security Blog for FAS, keeps churning out essential reading after essential reading, this time on how Russia is really just playing the same ABM game it played in the Cold War. Because the more things change… SSB, by the way, should be in your RSS reader […]

Much Ado about Nothing

Boy oh boy! Were the headlines in the media and blogosphere ever more hyperbolic and littered with ignorance than they were today? Actually, they probably have been, but today’s gaggle of garbage certainly has to rank up in the top ten media explosions (or should I say implosions since, as usual, they’ve gotten […]

All Your Weather Base Are Belong To Us

“Kyoto, we have a problem.”
Few things annoy me more than the modern Lysenkoism of Anthropogenic Global WarmingTM and its rapturous congregation who viciously condemn any who dare challenge their scriptures. Each day it seems that we are bombarded with yet more bald-faced propaganda designed to scare us (and especially our children) into submission to […]

News Brief, Groove: Heart Edition


An excellent look at so-called blast-resistent vehicles (or “Mine Resistant Ambush Protected” vehicles, or MRAP), though it doesn’t explore the specificities of the newly deployed American MRAP. Still, the idea of a heavily armored truck on stilts is weirdly appealing in an H.R. Giger kind of way. More on the MRAP here.
The Navy is probably […]

News Brief, Brave New World Edition

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The Pentagon

Ellen Tauscher wants to create a commission to assess the strategic posture of the U.S. This is a good thing, as I’m not really sure why we need thousands of warheads—the Pentagon’s scare mongering rings hollow considering our success in conventional battle, and I’m not sure how ICBMs would deter suicide […]

News Brief, Weekend Blurby Edition

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The Pentagon

It’s funny, these kinds of scare stories about personnel shortages at the country’s spy agencies used to frustrate me. I tried for a long time to get into the CIA, but twice was I unceremoniously declined. The DIA didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me no. But I’ve adopted a […]

News Brief, I’ve Seen It All Edition

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The Pentagon

I’ve reread Lt. Col. Yingling’s essay on the failures of the generalship several times at this point. This morning, while I was pondering the flag announcements, which are the lists of people being submitted to have stars attached to their rank (i.e. generals and admirals), it hit me: we have more […]

Christopher Hitchens: Religion in the White House and Iraq

The always worth attention Christopher Hitchens has a brief, but interesting, interview in New York Magazine. Many thanks to Lee Garnett for giving me the pointer.
Some choice bits:
And what if one of your children found God? Would that be a problem?
Not at all. My children, to the extent that they have found religion, have found […]

News Brief, Pitseleh Edition

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The Pentagon

When START stops, what happens to Prompt Global Strike? Let’s think of this question in the context of Volodiya scrapping arms control accords with Europe.
Rumors that the 15-month extension was a bad joke, and that soldiers are now being told to expect deployments of 16-18 months—for reducing stress, remember.
Secrets=fun. […]

News Brief, This Is An Alarm Call Edition

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The Pentagon

One of the funnier stories out of the initial invasion of Iraq was the use of dolphins to clear mines from Um-Qasr harbor. It was a miserable failure. Still, the desire to use so-called “Animal Intelligence” remains of huge interest at the Pentagon. Which was why I was tickled pink to […]

News Brief, Mission of Burma Edition

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The Pentagon

This account of an NSA Recruiting drive wasn’t all that remarkable, except for one bit I had never heard before. “It was mentioned that people who had done a lot of illegal file sharing were turned down and told never to apply again.” Now, how they define “a lot” leaves much […]

See, I Told You So

I think that this story and the conclusions it references can be filed under the category of, “see, I told you so.” Or perhaps, “tell me something else that I already knew.”
Let’s look at what took the APA such a great amount of time and resources to “objectively determine,”: the media and advertisers […]

Jane and the Flying Imams

Last November, right before Thanksgiving, six Muslim cleric were removed from a US Airways flight for “suspicious behavior” in the view of several passengers and crew members. The six have since been dubbed the “Flying Imams.” Although at first the breathless reports suggested that over-sensitive passengers had, perhaps, created a civil rights issue, […]

Interesting case of syncretism

Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to study this site in detail, I was quite interested in its basic premise : Islam and Libertarianism are not only quite compatible, but actually darn near separated at birth. That’s actually quite close to my thinking on these philosophies and I am thrilled that someone has […]

Americans United strangely silent

Many people in the US have become aware, some more recently than others, of the antics of alleged separation of church and state group, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. They have formally existed since 1947 and claim to be non-partisan, non-sectarian advocates of the absolute separation of religion from politics. […]

Adding fuel to the Climate Change fire

We’ve recently sparked some interesting discussions on climate change and global warming here at ASHC. I’d like to add a little fuel (biodegradable, earth-friendly fuel, of course) to the fire by recommending this article on Dr. David Orrell’s new book, Apollo’s Arrow. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to read Dr. […]

A growing problem

This is an interesting look at the dark side of Scientology. For years, we’ve been bombarded with the idea that Scientology is merely a new religion facing massive prejudice by an unenlightened population led by old-guard church leaders who refuse to allow any encroachment on their turf. Well, turns out Scientology is just […]