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Much Ado about Nothing

Boy oh boy! Were the headlines in the media and blogosphere ever more hyperbolic and littered with ignorance than they were today? Actually, they probably have been, but today’s gaggle of garbage certainly has to rank up in the top ten media explosions (or should I say implosions since, as usual, they’ve gotten […]

Supporting carbon creds means no street cred

Since the entire concept of carbon credits emerged a few years ago, I’ve constantly found myself questioning not only the actual effectiveness, but also the underlying motivation behind them. Donating or purchasing carbon credits basically seemed, to me at least, to be the designer way for rich (or wealthier than average) people to buy […]

Louisiana, tops in the nation for all the wrong things… again

Once again, Louisiana leads the nation in the “bad” categories. In this case, it’s per capita number of national level elected officials involved in scandals. While Representative William Jefferson winds his way toward what I can only hope will be jail, Senator David Vitter has recently been exposed as a “not so family […]

Political Ping-Pong

As yet another sign of the coming Apocalypse, politicians and political hacks are now channeling their energy (albeit a very small amount of it) into creating video games about politics. Have a look at this article detailing two of the newest games in this field. While the actual interfacing of politics and the […]

Cindy Sheehan to retire

This announcement was made a few days ago, but I felt that it was important enough to comment on. While it cannot be denied that Cindy Sheehan has damaged the efforts of the troops in the field and the progress of the war on the domestic front, I believe that the underlying psychology behind […]

More follies from the “Reform” Congress

Apparently, Congressman Murtha was absent when Democrats were campaigning on the earmark reform platform during last year’s elections. Oops, wait a minute… maybe he wasn’t. Have a look at this lovely CNN piece on Murtha’s actions on earmark reform versus his words on earmark reform.

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Extra Geeky Goodness

Since it is a long weekend, I’ll happily provide some extra geeky goodness for your enjoyment. First, take a look at what really happened after the first Death Star was blown up. Then, see Vader having a real heart to heart with Luke. Future plans to mess with Star Wars. How […]

Good news for BBC America fans

Recently, BBC America has announced its plan to air the entire first season (first series to you Euro-types) of Torchwood during its summer restructuring. Despite a fair degree of success in attraction US viewership, the execs at BBCA felt that a radical restructuring of the network’s programming selections and scheduling would boost its moderate […]

Thought MLB had it bad?

Apparently Democrat Congressman from California, Tom Lantos, has decided that Congress’ recent attacks on Major League Baseball and its various teams and athletes just weren’t enough. Now, it seems, the NFL is in for it. Citing the recent investigation into Atlanta Falcons’ Quarterback Michael Vick’s former home in Virginia, the distinguished gentleman from […]

Republican Debate

I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the entire Republican Presidential candidate debate, but I felt that the highlights mentioned at Fox News were informative enough about the frontrunners positions to be worthy of comment. My own breakdown follows the comments:
WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidates were basking in their own glory on Wednesday after […]

The Home of the Future

Professor Richard Horden of University of Munich recently unveiled a new permanent or semi-permanent housing unit design: the m-ch. While not exactly a title that set marketing execs hearts aflutter, the idea is actually pretty amusing. The original concept was to provide short-stay facilities for business people, researchers, etc. who would need to […]

On Ethics in the GWOT

This is a great piece from former SpecWar officer, Vietnam War veteran and father of SEAL Team Six, Commander Richard Marcinko. For those unfamiliar with Commander Marcinko’s rise and fall, his autobiography makes for excellent, though highly graphic reading. I’ve had the honor of chatting with Commander Marcinko a few times in the […]

Weirdest story of the day

This story absolutely left me speechless (a difficult thing to accomplish). I really thought that I had seen just about everything. Even Hollywood couldn’t come up with a story like this.
Update: The accused has been found guilty. Google the story and you’ll already find people claiming that she has […]

See, I Told You So

I think that this story and the conclusions it references can be filed under the category of, “see, I told you so.” Or perhaps, “tell me something else that I already knew.”
Let’s look at what took the APA such a great amount of time and resources to “objectively determine,”: the media and advertisers […]

Update on Haditha

This article gives a few quick details on the “60 Minutes” interview given by Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich regarding his actions in Haditha, Iraq on November 19, 2005. Examine the key final paragraph which is Wuterich’s explanation and evaluation of the events on that fateful day nearly a year and a half ago. […]

The Mindset in Iran

Update and correction: Keith has provied me with the correct link to the article in question, so I have deleted the full version of it from this post and substituted the link, instead. Much thanks!
This article by Iranian scholar and journalist Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich was passed on to me by a friend. Here is […]

“Pacing” himself

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs recently “clarified” a statement that he made to the Chicago Tribune regarding the immorality of homosexual behavior. General Peter Pace suggested that he should have focused his comments more on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell policy,” rather than on his personal beliefs about morality. While I […]

Interesting case of syncretism

Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to study this site in detail, I was quite interested in its basic premise : Islam and Libertarianism are not only quite compatible, but actually darn near separated at birth. That’s actually quite close to my thinking on these philosophies and I am thrilled that someone has […]

Americans United strangely silent

Many people in the US have become aware, some more recently than others, of the antics of alleged separation of church and state group, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. They have formally existed since 1947 and claim to be non-partisan, non-sectarian advocates of the absolute separation of religion from politics. […]

Adding fuel to the Climate Change fire

We’ve recently sparked some interesting discussions on climate change and global warming here at ASHC. I’d like to add a little fuel (biodegradable, earth-friendly fuel, of course) to the fire by recommending this article on Dr. David Orrell’s new book, Apollo’s Arrow. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to read Dr. […]

A growing problem

This is an interesting look at the dark side of Scientology. For years, we’ve been bombarded with the idea that Scientology is merely a new religion facing massive prejudice by an unenlightened population led by old-guard church leaders who refuse to allow any encroachment on their turf. Well, turns out Scientology is just […]

It’s DAA Colts!

Although not a huge fan of either of the teams playing in this year’s Superbowl, I admit to being both impressed and happy that Indy won. The first quarter made me doubt Indy’s chances, but they struggled back to to take the lead heading into halftime. Peyton Manning can now put the ghost […]

Ah, the Paleocons

This is a nice example of why I take paleocons even less seriously than I take diehard, doctrinaire Libertarians. As some QandO commenters are fond of saying (in full snark mode), “It’s all dem Joos’ fault!”
Here’s a post from Da Man himself, Patrick J. Buchanan. Notice that Buchanan implies his agreement with those […]

Skepticism on the Surge

I daresay that those who have read my recent posts on President Bush’s new strategy for Iraq and my comments here, at QandO, and elsewhere believe that I am fairly gloomy in my outlook on the situation in Iraq. I believe that is very likely an accurate assessment and I continue to be highly […]

On a Positive Note

As I have been accused of being rather “dour” in my outlook on world affairs today, I thought that this story would “brighten” things a bit. This is very exciting news, not because I am necessarily a huge fan of the WTO (I’m not), but because it represents a massive step forward for Vietnam. […]

Assessing the President’s New Plan for Iraq

Much discussion of the President’s speech has gone on of late throughout the wonderful world of blogging. Although I have at least skimmed some of the major left/right/center blogs, I have really only dedicated significant time to following this discussion on QandO blog. The relevant links are here, here, and here. In […]

Real Estate and the Dems

This is an interesting take on the new Dem Congress from Real Estate Broker and “The Apprentice 3″ winner, Kendra Todd. I’m hardly an expert on matters of real estate speculation, but I’d like to examine this brief articles contentions in a bit more detail.

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Racism, Democracy, and the Realists

One of the most frequently heard talking points amongst US foreign policy “Realists” is that not every culture in the world is a suitable breeding ground for democracy. General Brent Scowcroft is one of the most recognized prophets of this philosophy, but I cannot begin to count the numbers of those on both the […]

An interesting take on the Hajj

I was reading several recent posts from Muslims around the world dealing with their experience of the Hajj and its impact on them personally and on life in general. As one who has completed it, I can certainly say that it is a spiritually uplifting experience and that, although difficult and exhausting physically, it […]

At Long Last, We Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

This is the great finale that we’ve been promised for nearly twenty years. It’s about time that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg live up to the hype that’s been building. Here’s hoping that there are no further delays and that we can finally get our fill of Indy. I’ll be counting down […]