Footwear Follies — A Continuing Saga

Socky McSockpuppetThe hits just keep on rollin’. It seems that the Boi from Brazil (you know the one who wrote that outstanding bestseller “How Would A Patriot Act?” — apparently they move to another country) has noticed little ole us in his latest diatribe. Take it away Glenn!:

For those reasons [the ones detailed in the excruciatingly long and incoherent prose that is the Hallmark of Greenwald], Col. Boylan’s behavior here compels scrutiny. It is significant either way — that he sent the first email and is dishonestly denying having done so, or that someone is able to fabricate such convincing emails in his name. This is so clearly the case that even one right-wing blogger, writing at a garden-variety pro-war blog that typically spews the standard venom characterizing the right-wing blogosphere, wrote this last night

So which one of us venomous, pro-war right-wing bloggers here at ASHC did Teh Glenn hold out as his example?


I am normally sympathetic to entries that are mocking Glenn Greenwald. However, I have to lend him at least some credence here—he is, after all, in the curious position of being the recipient of acrimonious emails (regardless their relative merit, or if emails sent from .mil domains can be considered private) with Col. Boylan’s identifying marks on it that Col. Boyland denies sending. Indeed, either Col. Boylan feels regret at having sent them, which is just childish, or someone spoofed his email address, which is a vastly more serious problem. And Boylan’s apparent casual attitude lends the impression of wrongdoing on his part.

Poor, poor pro-war, right-wing Josh. When will you learn the folly of your ways, dear boy? Or shall The Green One taunt you a second time?

This is yet another example the kind of mischaracterization and general buffoonery that makes Greenwald such an easy and oft-ridiculed target. Of course, that is also the method to his madness — i.e. to blather on about awful right-wing, pro-war “24%”-ers to the adoring masses that following him with blind devotion, using as examples of the enemy he has designated those who bristle at his inaccuracies. In true Wormtongue fashion, Greenwald tells his sycophants what they want to hear, fills there heads with fearful rhetoric about right-wing bogeymen, keeps his puppies frothing with persistent reminders of how the fascist warmonger operates, and then points them at the nearest designated enemy armed with enough half-truths and non-sequiturs to raise holy terror. All to feed his ego, which is apparently rather fragile and diminished.

At some point, the scales will fall from one of his followers’ eyes and lay waste to house of cards comprising Greenwald’s search for truth and justice. And that will be truly fun to watch.

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6 Responses to “Footwear Follies — A Continuing Saga”

  1. on 31 Oct 2007 at 6:18 pm Keith_Indy

    You have to appreciate the irony…

    From Baghdad, he has been actively monitoring anti-war writers and liberal blogs and, with some regularity, contacts them out of the blue and aggressively criticizes them and what they have written (exactly like the “fake” emailer did to me).

    So, how exactly did GG notice us?

    I can understand a PR flak keeping up to date with what the press is saying about the clients he represents. Keeping the press positive about the client and the clients activities is his job after all.

    Now, I’ve checked, we’re pretty much in the long tail section of blogistan. And yet, the much vaunted GG had time enough in his busy life to notice us.

    Of course, I do understand it is fairly easy to setup search parameters and have an RSS reader or something feed you the links for today that had the items you were interested in, delivered to your email or browser.

  2. on 31 Oct 2007 at 6:43 pm Joshua Foust

    I’m a war mongering right winger!

  3. on 31 Oct 2007 at 6:45 pm MichaelW

    I’m a war mongering right winger!

    Welcome to the dark side. BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!

  4. on 31 Oct 2007 at 7:09 pm Keith_Indy

    I’m a war mongering right winger!

    Well, they say acknowledgment is the first step to recovery.

    Though, I don’t think there’s anything to recover from in this case.

  5. on 31 Oct 2007 at 7:16 pm peter jackson

    I’m a war mongering right winger!

    And a garden variety one at that. You must be proud. Or crushed. Or something.


  6. on 31 Oct 2007 at 9:22 pm McQ

    Do you supposed, with the extensive IP address research GG has now done, that he realizes how he’s all but proven his own sockpuppetry?


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