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Fact-Checking 101

It should be clear by now to anyone who frequently reads blogs that the MSM is not terribly accurate in its reporting, nor does it seem to have any intention of getting better at it. Whether you think the media leans left (as I think it demonstrably does) or right, there is no denying [...]

The Wright Stuff

I haven’t had much time to grace the pages of ASHC lately, but I was skimming through Memeorandum and just couldn’t resist saying something about this little screed:
Wright issue will haunt conservative media elite
By Roland S. Martin
CNN Contributor
Now that Sen. Barack Obama has denounced his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, many of his critics, [...]

And On This Topic -

John McCain gets my vote.
What exactly is the problem with the American health-care system?
The problem is not that Americans don’t have fine doctors, medical technology, and treatments. American medicine is the envy of the world. The problem is not that most Americans lack adequate health insurance. The vast majority of Americans have private insurance, and [...]

Hoist by His Own Petard

John McCain was one politician I admired greatly. While I still believe that the man is a true hero, and while I still do applaud some of what he does, the veil has been lifted from my eyes for one major reason: McCain-Feingold.
Although I, like so many others, wish that we lived in [...]

Raise Your Hand

Are you someone who thinks that the Republican Attack Machine is far more vicious than anything Democrats could ever dream up?
Please read this - and if you are still convinced, raise your hand.
That is - if you have never been tortured and are still able to raise your hand.

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Who Would You Rather Drink With?

I have no idea who’s going to win the election this year, but as I attempt to handicap the race I’m drawn to the old saw that the person with whom most people would rather sit down at a local watering hole and knock back a few tall cold ones with will be the eventual [...]

The Left, McCain And The War

The inestimable Oliver Kamm provides a glimpse at the value our British friends find in a potential John McCain presidency:
Two points about McCain stand out. He’s not a conservative and he’s been right all along about Iraq. These are the reasons I favoured him from the outset for the Republican nomination. Indeed McCain has been [...]

Mixed Blessings (UPDATED)

Ever since John McCain effectively wrapped up his party’s nomination, I’ve been thinking that it might not be such a great thing for the Republican ticket. Because Obama and Hillary are still battling it out for the Democrat nomination, and will continue to do so all the way to the convention in August, they [...]

Perverse Consequences

Does it strike anyone else as tragically ironic that, if indeed John McCain were declared not to be a “natural-born citizen” due to the locus of his birth, then an “anchor baby” could be elected President but the child of an Armed Services member born overseas could not?
Think about that. Child of illegal aliens [...]

La La La La

All that Pejman has to say is correct. Ignore at your own peril.
And the fat lady is already belting out her arias.

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Quote of the Day

Multiple times I have lauded the exceptional blog Booker Rising, masterfully managed by my friend Shay Riley. If you are looking for a wealth of information about the black community, a wide variety of viewpoints, articles and comments on related issues, then Booker Rising is a must-stop for you.
Shay has a feature called “Quote [...]

Citizen McCain

THE LATEST non-issue hyped by (who else?) the New York Times is that “some” people are questioning whether or not John McCain is eligible to be a sitting President:
The question has nagged at the parents of Americans born outside the continental United States for generations: Dare their children aspire to grow up [...]

Smearing McCain

I am not a fan of John McCain, but the rumor-based smear leveled at him by the New York Times is more than a little unfair.
Early in Senator John McCain’s first run for the White House eight years ago, waves of anxiety swept through his small circle of advisers.
A female lobbyist had been turning up [...]

McCain Abstained

Are you one of those who says there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat candidates?
If so - well, viva la difference.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton helped secure more than $340 million worth of home-state projects in last year’s spending bills, placing her among the top 10 Senate recipients of what are [...]

McCain Speaks to Europe

photo: Chris Dunn

Spiegel has a typically aggressive (and aggressively European) interview with John McCain today. In many ways it’s an interesting yet disappointing exercise, due to its focus on the perceived past sins of the Bush administration. While much ground is covered, a little too often Spiegel essentially asks “Bush did XYZ, which is bad. [...]

The Best Result Possible

Do you want the best possible result? Sure; don’t we all?
When I play bridge, we frequently say: “I didn’t get the best possible result. But - I got the best result possible.” Sometimes, the best possible result is impossible to get. And - you don’t always get what you want.
These [...]

Enemies of McCain

Nick Curran at Radar has put together a Top Ten Eighteen list of McCain’s enemies in the GOP. It’s kind of entertaining.
01. Ann Coulter
02. Rush Limbaugh
03. Jack Abramoff
04. John Cornyn
05. Tom DeLay
06. Matt Drudge
07. Rick Santorum
08. John Dowd
09. National Review
10. Grover Norquist
11. Michelle Malkin
12. David Bossie
13. Laura Ingraham
14. Sean Hannity
15. RedState
16. David Keene
17. [...]

A Candidate Without A War

Is the Iraq War hurting John McCain’s candidacy? By “hurting” I’m referring to his struggle to be the true conservative candidate who unites the party. Despite his clear lead in the primary race, McCain has not been able to capture the Christian right (who predominantly go for Huckabee), nor has he been able [...]

Daniel Drezner picked….

McCain.  He tells us why.

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The one and only reason to be for John McCain:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said the possibility of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) becoming president “sends a cold chill down my spine.”
I’d love to see Harry chattering and shaking on Jan. 20th of next year.

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Post Super Duper Tuesday Reflections - UPDATE

Well, Fred wasn’t in the game. It seems to me, that both he and Rudy damaged their campaigns by not entering and participating early enough. We don’t get to vote in a primary here in Indiana for a couple of weeks, and I have a feeling the Republican nominee will be locked in [...]

Public Safety Reminder

Since it’s likely that John McCain will dominate the primaries today, you may want to steer clear of a certain type of fanatical Ron Paul supporter tomorrow. Judging from my email, they’re pretty convinced that Paul will wrap up the nomination tonight. Yep, you heard that right. Some of them are perhaps at high risk [...]

Who’s Your Candidate?

My sister sent me this short quiz today. Sometimes they seem a waste of time - but - this one did appear to fairly accurately represent my views.

John McCain
Score: 44
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Social Security
Line-Item Veto
Death Penalty
Gun Control



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A McCain for All Seasons

Michael Weiss casts about for reasons from the blog world to support McCain. I’m largely unmoved, but this is a particularly good line: “Where Joe Lieberman has been unable to cast himself as a Scoop Jackson Democrat, McCain has had some success in becoming a kind of Pat Moynihan Republican.”

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Not Conservative Enough?

Many Republicans and/or conservatives have been wailing that McCain is not conservative enough for them. No links; loads abound.
The people who complain about this are correct - at least on some topics, IMHO.
But, if you don’t want to vote for McCain because he isn’t conservative enough, consider this.
The gulf between Democratic and [...]

The Competition

(Cross posted at Whatif?)
As a bridge player, I am well aware of competition. Sometimes you pitch a blowout. More often than not, though, winning is a matter of inches. It’s a matter of dogged determination. It’s a function of judging what is needed, changing strategy to meet it, and following through [...]

Embarrassment & Respect

Hillary Clinton on the Republican party: “I wish they would just stand up and say, ‘We are so embarrassed. We’re not going to run anyone.’” Of course her tired passive aggressive routine quickly returned when she added about Republican front-runner John McCain: “I respect him.” Sure. Poor Barack Obama has been having to put up [...]

The Left and John McCain

In a post at QandO, Billy Hollis explains why John McCain will not be getting his vote. Essentially, McCain-Feingold and Johnny’s continued contempt for the Bill of Rights leaves Billy cold:
This [McCain-Feingold] is THE main reason I cannot vote for the man. Heck, I almost shied away from Fred merely because he voted for [...]

Once Again - Blame Bush

(Cross Posted at Whatif?)
This time, however, blame GWB for something few of us consider.
Rarely in recent American history had a political leader received such a visible testing ground for the character of his leadership. Giuliani projected a profound, steely calm, and an all-encompassing competence—announcing the latest street closings or bus service changes one minute, pledging [...]

His Own Petard?

(Cross Posted at Whatif?)
When John McCain and George W. Bush were vying for their party’s nomination, I was a McCain fan. How could a person not be impressed by the man who refused to leave Vietnam’s prison camp to stand by his men?
As time has progressed, however, my admiration for McCain lessened. [...]

You Get What You Pay For


(Cross posted at What if?)
Did Rudy lose because the purportedly “ruthless” candidate was too nice?
Most critical in the closing days of the contest, when he desperately needed to reinsert himself into the narrative, was Giuliani’s inexplicable refusal to draw contrasts with his rivals, especially the surging McCain, whose votes were coming directly out of [...]

Kyl & McCain

Arnold has to govern liberal California, Rudy had to govern liberal NYC and McCain…McCain is from Arizona. So what exactly is his excuse for his dramatic shift to the Left over time? Lest you think he has one, here’s a very good interview from Kudlow & Company with Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who is championing [...]

President McCain?


(Cross posted at What if?)
As any of my readers know, I was a Rudy woman. Now that the handwriting is on the wall for all to see, I must go elsewhere. Romney? McCain?
My best friend from first grade, who has political views remarkably similar to my own, has a blog about [...]

Republican VP Candidates

Despite Keith’s wise admonition, many Republican leaning (or formerly R-leaning) voters have resigned themselves to the fact that Sen. John McCain will be the Republican nominee for Election 2008. That does not sit well with more than a few. Personally, since Fred! dropped out I’ve seen little reason to go on with life [...]

Waiting for the Order

Video clip of John McCain recounting his experience as a Navy pilot waiting on alert standby to bomb targets in Cuba during the missile crisis.

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Hatred on the Homefront for McCain

The Maricopa County Republicans (McCain’s home county) held a meeting and had a straw poll on the primaries. McCain was voted “Most Unacceptable,” ahead of even Ron Paul. Fred Thompson won the “Most Acceptable” vote, but then lost to Romney on the nomination vote. Fred continues to be the candidate everyone agrees with, but no [...]

Retreat to the Fringe

Social conservatives and particularly crypto-socialist social conservatives (or “populists” if you prefer), are inevitably going to be a minority faction within the GOP. But to their great credit they themselves recognize this. The implications of that self-awareness are dire for Huckabee however.
Because their interests and perspectives are in many ways peculiar to themselves within the [...]

The Triumph of the Laity

The Huckabee campaign staff is bitter and suspicious (as usual). They’re blaming Fred Thompson’s 16% showing in South Carolina for ruining their efforts to flood the vote with a social-conservative surge.
The surge was nevertheless impressive when it came, in both its quantity and in its fantastically unrepresentative uniformity. Fully 83 percent of Huckabee’s voters [...]

Hearing Things

I was watching the booing of John McCain at the Prosperity Summit in Livonia, Michigan (video clip at Ian Schwartz). Now I can’t be entirely certain, but it sure sounds like a woman in the audience exclaims: “Happy Birthday Warsaw!” at the climax of the jeers. Don’t ask me what it means, but give it [...]

Where’s the Capitalism?

Mark Steyn surveys the election in contrast with the replacement of compact discs by MP3s. Observing the swift and dynamic change that characterizes the free market, he rightly mocks the notion of government as an “agent of change.” Huckabee, Edwards, McCain and Obama all take their lumps in turn.

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Grinchwald’s Stocking Stuffer

It shouldn’t surprise me the lengths that Greenwald will go to distort what people say in order to lambaste his enemies, but his Christmas offering really takes the figgy pudding.

Mike Huckabee’s Christmas ad — like everything Huckabee does — provoked all sorts of vehement, angry, un-Christmas-like attacks from Republican pundits. The GOP establishment almost uniformly [...]