Weiss on Chavez


What’s a fair indication that a fascist masquerading as a socialist has lost his “base”? When a student named Stalin says enough is enough:

“The message to the Congress and to the government is that there is … a part of this country that rejects these reforms and we want to be heard,” student leader Stalin Gonzalez told a local television station.

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One Response to “Weiss on Chavez”

  1. on 06 Nov 2007 at 11:54 pm Incognito

    Can’t believe anyone would be so naive (to put it nicely) to think that Chavez is a Socialist… people are totally deluded if they don’t think he will lead Venezuela down the same path of destruction that other supposed “socialist’ leaders have… look at Burma, look at Cuba.. at least Fidel finally had the cojones to admit he was a Commie and not a Socialist.. but this only after he was firmly rooted in power.

    Poor stupid people who voted for him.

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