Weiss on Obama

Actually it is Weiss on Andrew Sullivan’s frankly ridiculous peon to the man:

I don’t doubt that Obama is the freshest national politician the U.S. has seen in a quite a while. I admire him a lot and — glib Skype conversations with my co-editor aside — I still haven’t made up my mind not to vote for him. But what benefits him and the country least are the kinds of shallow and sanctimonious hosannas that depict him as a saintly figure. Sullivan is good enough to confess that he’s suffering from a kind of electoral affirmative action impulse that esteems black religiosity for being just that. Fine. But when it comes time for the 101st Airborne to touch down on Waziristan, or garrisons to be shuffled in Iraq so as to maintain the hard-won security that’s been established there, I suspect we’ll need tougher metrics for assessing leadership than smiling white condescension.

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