Ron Paul for Congress

Joshua Foust on Thursday:

Mike Boyer thinks Ron Paul’s 15 minutes are done, and we should get down to the “serious” candidates. The problem with this analysis is that he pretends any of the other candidates are any more realistic in the meaningless crap they spew, and that Paul has the virtue of a consistent philosophy grounded in something that isn’t naked power lust. I don’t like a lot of Paul’s ideas—his ideas on financial policy (not to be confused with budgetary policy) are particularly dim-witted… but such things are also the least likely to ever get through Congress.

Maybe so, which is why I am happy for him to get a shot at Congress, again. Personally his financial policy is no more dim witted than the other candidates either, but his foreign policy ideas are what make him a nice congressman, not a President. I also disagree that his foreign policy is grounded in a consistent philosophy, as Mike demonstrates. It would leave a vacuum in our nations capitol, and it is completely at odds with the ideas of the founders he uses to justify his positions, but the confusion over this amongst libertarians and some isolationists I have addressed before.

Anyway, read Mike’s piece if you haven’t already.

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  1. on 04 Nov 2007 at 6:08 pm Rhymes With Right

    I live less than 2 miles from Ron Paul’s district.

    Not only will he not be elected president in 2008, he will be defeated in his reelection bid.

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