Surprise, media coverage leans to the benefit of Democrats

Please don’t fall out of your chair in shock.

Hat Tip- Mark Tapscott: MSM study confirms MSM bias in news reporting (THIS JUST IN: Blizzard hits Hades)

From the Project for Excellence in Journalism, when covering the Presidential candidates:

What about the Evening News:

Cable News looks like about what you would expect depending on the outlet. Fox the most positive about Republicans and negative about Democrats, but not nearly as much as one would think from all the caterwauling and the reverse being true nearly everywhere else.

Talk Radio was the most interesting to me. It was overwhelmingly negative regardless of party. What might surprise many is that the conservative radio shows were much more evenhanded than the liberal radio shows.

Now that this counterintuitive result has come out let us ponder The Disappointing Usefulness of Simple Stereotypes

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