Ann Coulter is a Nazi

Or at least, according to what Michael Savage implied last night, she is the harbinger of nasty things to come, if all righteous people don’t rhetorically smite her down. So, what is up with Ann Coulter???

PJ Media has a roundup of blogger reaction.

As for me,

Yeah, what Ann Coulter said was outrageous, rude, and inconsiderate.



Of course, missed in a lot of the outrage is the baiting that Donnie Deusch had to do to get her to the point of saying what she did. I mean does anyone really believe she thinks everyone at the Republican Convention were Christians?

I don’t get my shorts in a twist when the left attacks gun owners, white men, rich men, red necks, republicans, conservatives, Christians, or any of the other various groups I might belong to. I’m an individual, and don’t buy into the group/shared identity politics of the left.

I’m not going to defend what she said, just her right to say it.

What do Rush, Savage, Hannity, O’Rielly, and Coulter all have in common??

Media Matters is targeting them all, and very heavily lately. So, I think this push back on her is as overblown as all the previous push backs on her, and various other pundits. They are heavily pursuing the neutralizing of right wing talk radio. Personally, I think it will backfire, since the more the left attacks, the more entrenched and buzzed the right will get about defeating them at the polls that matter.

What’s important for the candidates to remember is to stay above this particular fray.

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